09-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

thermostat middle night dad family guy
baby yoda cleaning with alcohol first bottle
coping with everything sarcasm working super great
biden nyquil chicken hits just right
conceal carry course first rule gun safety stay strapped
communism history college students putin mao stalin lenin
99 percent 1 offended pepe le pew
leftists generic rice posing photoop not compassion
vote republican midterms better protected mayhem joe biden inflation gas border crime woke
floridians cat 5 hurricans below 60 weather

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet party need conversation stoppers starters
tweet therapist good gossip not trauma
tweet older dont figure out old to care

Quote of the Day

quote dillon babylon bee absurd not mocked

Message of the Day

message giver know limits takers have none

Math Lesson of the Day

I’ve blogged in the past about how stats like inflation can be manipulated using larger base numbers. The same type of math manipulation can be applied to smaller base numbers. For example, governments’ response to the Covid Plandemic caused GDP to plummet, which created a smaller base number. Here’s an illustration:

gdp growth example stats

In other words, even if raw numbers are smaller than pre-Covid, they can be spun as growth. GDP, jobs, and anything else they can spin will be used to indicate economic “success.” This strategy was perfected by Obama, who managed to become president immediately after the deep subprime mortgage recession. Despite the fact he led one of the weakest recoveries in history, it was spun as success. The fact Biden still managed to create two negative GDP quarters starting from such low base numbers is quite the performance. 👏👏👏

biden next trick stimulus rent food gas 401k
allowing businesses reopen not creating new jobs change my mind

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09-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

why car bad gas mileage sound put foot to floor
if jedi 100 percent chance use force inappropriately
turkey leg sneaker patrol pitbull
kermit missing arrows store save life
believe all women starter pack warren ford depp
people of florida during hurricane season flipping bird
sign fck biden expressway
ukraine freeze and starve
difference airplane america left wing crash contempt
white leftists taking care 50 immigrants texas 2 million
biden build back better 401k
biden promises made kept blowing up nordstream 2 pipeline

Biden’s America

Remember, the ones jailed two years and beaten for a protest are the “fascists.” 👌

tweet breaking report jan 6th prisoner ryan samsel beaten

Capitol riot defendant “viciously and savagely” beaten by guard in DC jail, joining other Jan 6th victims of violence – CBS News

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet analyzed spending habits place to live
tweet wont lie to children dont have hot dogs in colorado
tweet classic rock led zepplin blink coldplay mayflower

Quote of the Day

quote heath kids remember time spent not toy game

Message of the Day

message quote bottle water place worth nothing wrong

Lesson of the Day

Speaking of January 6th…

how to spot false flag news coverage agenda manipulation emotion government

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09-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

granddaddy of white claw bartles james wine cooler
simpsons prediction again empty wallet
memes on news as examples extremist content proud
liberal npc europe worst drought 500 years what cause then
no support new bill gives government power
price everything going up will not love you long time
they live glasses public school mind control facility
biden increase gas prices doubed small decrease take credit
shaq oneill actual inflation kevin hart official rate
ladies misunderstanding nose rings only attractive ranchers cattle

Quote of the Day

quote dont spoil what u have epicurius remember desire once

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet picture of kid whose student loan paying
tweet audience dont hate diverse characters bad work pretentious unskilled writers
tweet donald trump liz cheney woman committe prevent election interference
tweet meloni italy first woman lead italy media

Random Thoughts of the Day

Have you noticed an increasing number of Democrats like John Fetterman are running from debates with their opponents? It’s simple — they’re following the Joe Biden basement strategy. It’s smart when you consider they control mainstream media, public education, Big Tech, and the entertainment industry along with the vast majority of political dark money, so they can totally frame & label their opponents while hiding all their flaws and insane ideas. Debates only expose voters to the truth, which is definitely NOT a winning strategy for Dems.

Speaking of framing the debate, Deep State Establishment RINO Lindsay Graham gave Dems the perfect opening to fire up their base with his ill-timed abortion ban proposal. Never mind that it’s a proposal from one lawmaker, not the platform of the Republican Party, and never mind that it’s a ban only after 5 months of pregnancy. It not only undercuts the argument made by Republicans of letting states decide, it gives Dems the perfect opening to LIE! Nearly every Dem candidate in the country has mentioned Graham’s proposal in their campaigning, but find me ONE SINGLE DEMOCRAT in the country who’s mentioned that it’s only after 5 pregnancy months and contains other exceptions like the life of the mother, in other words a “ban” which two-thirds of the country supports! Don’t count on CNN, MSNBC, or any of the other propagandists to note these important distinctions. It also draws attention away from the economy, inflation, crime, immigration, and other issues that would ensure Dem defeat.

We’ve had a historically low hurricane season, the least active in 30 years, but expect the usual climate change fear mongering with Hurricane Ian. As Biden policies cause gas prices to rise again the next few months, expect the media narrative to switch from “Putin’s fault” to “Hurricane Ian’s fault.”

Do you want an easy way to identify a Propagandist/Ruling Class stooge in business or the financial press? Watch how they use the word “recession.” For example, if they say sometime like, “There’s a good chance we may yet get a recession” or “Recession chances are increasing,” put them on the list. Everyone who has ever taken an economics class knows that the definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. It’s in EVERY economics textbook and has been repeated thousands of times on CNBC since I first found the channel. We’ve just had two negative quarters of GDP, so WE ARE IN A RECESSION! You can’t get higher than a 100 percent chance of recession since we’re already there! But the Biden strategy is to change the definition, and the lemmings & lapdogs of the financial world have just gone along with it. As with the Dem basement debate strategy, when you control all the propaganda outlets, the messaging can be whatever nonsensical crap you want. Good luck in getting any precision in the new definition of recession, which means we will never have a recession ever again–WOOHOO!…unless of course one of those evil fascist MAGA Republicans gets elected!

Speaking of fascism, the term has become the new racist. In other words, an undefined label used to attack opponents and stifle any real discussion of issues. Racist has been so overused, the Left needed a new line of attack for the “far right.” They’ll almost never define what positions are so-called fascist, but if you push them, they’ll find some generic comparison to fascists of the 20th century that have absolutely nothing to do with what made them so terrible. For example, if you talk about God, country, family, freedom from treacherous government — OMG, DEFINITELY HITTLER! (Side note: never spell Hitleeer or Naaaaazi correctly in a social media post as they’re an easy justification for censorship). The vast majority of the world is patriotic, cares deeply about their family, dislikes government, and believes in God. Are they all fascists?! If you want to use the term fascist, at least find some commonality with what made the 20th century totalitarian dictators so awful. For example:

  • Attacking and dehumanizing millions of people (e.g. MAGA Republicans or the unvaccinated)
  • Denying 1st Amendment freedoms (e.g. Big Tech mass censorship, using Covid to close down churches, prosecuting peaceful protesters)
  • Denying speedy trials or imposing unjust sentences on political opponents (e.g. Jan 6th or “election deniers”)
  • Disarming threats (e.g. assault weapon bans and red flag laws)
  • Using government agencies to go after political opponents (e.g. FBI raids, illegal surveillance, 87000 new IRS agents)
  • Implementing 1984-style propaganda control (e.g. Big Tech collusion, DHS’s Disinformation Governance Board)

I could go on, but you get the idea. Always be skeptical when you hear the media describe any politician as “far right.” They will NEVER describe people like AOC, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or Justin Trudeau as “far left,” but when politicians taking positions supported by the majority of the world are called “far right,” you know you’re living in a clown world pushed by Ruling Class tools.

dorothy stuck year 2022 bugs terrorists crashing economy
joe biden fixing not broken americas current problems

Message of the Day

message becoming more convinced attention tuning out school programming

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