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I tried out Google’s latest News aggregator app last night. Not surprisingly, it’s dominated with left-wing sources such as the NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, Daily Beast, etc. but omits right-leaning sources like Fox News, Townhall.com, and O’Reilly. There’s even a “Newsstand” feature which lets you set up special sections for your favorite sources, but guess what, Fox News isn’t even an option. Certainly, the network is right-leaning and has made occasional mistakes, but how is that different from these heavily-leftist sources that are in the mainstream? Almost every hour CNN makes a mistake or floats a baseless conspiracy theory. Most of America has figured out the mainstream media are nothing but shills for the Democratic Party and socialist ideology, so their effectiveness has diminished. However, the single biggest threat to American democracy is now leftist Big Tech censorship. Consider the biggest 5 companies now by market cap: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon. They control our devices, social media, online shopping, and news & search rankings. They have the power to hide any kind of alternative information or points of view. If that’s not bad enough, the richest man in the world by a margin of $50+ billion, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, owns the most influential paper in America — the Washington Post. Leftists in government want to pick up the dwindling alternative news sources on the Web by Stalinist “Fairness Doctrine’s” and “Net Neutrality”, which is just a fancy term for giving the government complete control of the Internet. This is why it’s especially important to have a Constitution-enforcing Supreme Court.

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11 Reasons Climate Change is Propaganda Not Science

Joe Messerli
By: Joe Messerli

With the exception of possibly abortion, no political issue is as sacred to hard-core liberals than “climate change”, or what it used to be called “global warming”. Climate change has become a religion of democrats, liberals, and socialists around the world. It is more critical to them than the economy, immigration, national security, the national debt, and world hunger. I’m not a scientist and don’t plan to debate the seriousness or feasibility of global warming. But as these 11 reasons show, science has been completely removed from the issue, and propaganda brainwashing has taken over. The propaganda is likely a continuation of anti-capitalist efforts initiated by Russia, China, and other communist groups around the world. Research the Soviet/Russian “Active Measures” program to learn more about the birth of this propaganda.

  1. The terminology keeps changing. Back in the ’70s, “global cooling” was the craze of the media, with predictions of another Ice Age. In the ’80s and ’90s, the craze turned to “global warming”. Weather patterns change year-to-year, so the “we’re all gonna die” hysterics were mocked when record cold temps would hit immediately after dire warming predictions. About a decade ago, the term “climate change” started being used instead. Now, no matter what the weather or global temps, they can be “right” on their predictions.  Too much rain–climate change.  Drought conditions–climate change.  Hurricanes–climate change.  Record cold–climate change. Too much snow–climate change.
  2. Scientists who conduct research that reach alternative conclusions are always attacked, with the credibility and sometimes their careers completely ruined. Scientists and university researchers know their jobs are in serious jeopardy if they even question anything about climate change. Even if they agree with the warming theory but express doubt on the urgency, they may be finished. Here are seven recent examples.
  3. Proposed solutions are always anti-capitalistic. Watch politicians when they propose a “solution” to climate change.  They will always involve more government control and curbs on capitalism.  It is further evidence of the propaganda effort of America’s enemies. Obama’s Cap and Trade scheme was a recent example.
  4. Al Gore, Hollywood movie makers, and other liberals are getting insanely rich promoting climate change disaster scenarios. Al Gore is the most famous propagandist of climate change with his Inconvenient Truth “documentaries”. He recently became the first carbon billionaire. Other Hollywood liberals like Leonardo DiCaprio aren’t far behind. Their solutions always involve taxes & regulations on businesses plus recommended curbs on use of fossil fuels by average Americans.
  5. The mainstream media will never cover any research studies that show alternative theories to man-made global warming but will prominently cover research that does. Thousands of scientists and research studies have questioned the seriousness or feasibility of climate change predictions, but good luck finding any mention at CNN, NYT, Washington Post, MSNBC, ABC, or any other mainstream media outlet. On the rare occasion they do mention alternative research, it is always to attack the source, not give any serious discussion of the research. Prove me wrong!
  6. Rich climate change proponents engage in lifestyles that go against everything they preach about controlling the problem. Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio burn more fossil fuels flying their private jets in one month than most average Americans burn in their lifetimes.  Rich liberals whining about the environment have multiple houses, limousines, sports cars, and yachts. Yet they want the peasants to drive a Prius or take the bus. They want businesses to jack up their production costs until they eat up their entire profit margin.
  7. Politicians or celebrities that question climate change are viciously attacked, ridiculed as “anti-science”, and branded with vicious names such as “climate change denier”. Some even propose jailing those who question the research. Psychologists will tell you one of the most effective techniques of brainwashing is peer pressure. If you follow the crowd, you’re praised and included. If you go against what the brainwashers want, you’re ostracized, attacked, ridiculed, and shunned. You see this constantly with prominent politicians and celebrities. An actor or actress who questions climate change hysterics likely won’t work again in Hollywood. Politicians who question the “science” or predictions are ridiculed by the media and comedians. Such politicians are painted as anti-science, anti-intellectual religious nutcases. “Climate change denier” is a recent term which compares skeptics to insane “Holocaust deniers”. It is all part of an effort to make any future skeptics afraid to speak their mind.  Most politicians, including Republicans, have found it easier just to spout out the usual “climate change is real” bullshit so they can move on to issues they really want to discuss.
  8. Terms such as “settled science” are used to discourage any further research, whereas real scientists know no science is ever really “settled”. If you say the majority of world scientists believe man-made climate change is real, it’s an accurate statement. If you use say it’s “settled science” or “all scientists agree”, you’ve crossed the line to pure propaganda BS. Thousands of scientists are brave enough to express skepticism. Real scientists know no science is ever fully settled; they invite constant testing. Remember, scientists were once convinced the atom was the smallest component of matter, until further research eventually learned of neutrons, protons, and electrons. Scientists were once convinced the world was flat and humans were the first living creatures. For decades the government pushed the FDA “settled science” of the carb-heavy food pyramid. Like all real science, further research led to more accurate conclusions.
  9. Climate change predictions are about events so far in the future, no one living today will be around to find out if the predictions actually came true. The end-of-world prediction scenarios are usually set for centuries in the future. Some of the most hysterical politicians predict disasters in decades. But it’s all based on guesses backed by very imprecise, questionable science. Al Gore made a prediction about 15 years ago calling for the end of Arctic ice caps. Rush Limbaugh famously put a countdown clock on his website for over a decade.  That countdown ended five years ago. Yet, people still believe Al Gore is a scientist and never question his inaccurate predictions. Of course, we know what happens to people that do that, right?
  10. When for-profit corporations develop global warming solutions that don’t involve government control and socialistic policies, they’re attacked as meaningless. Corporations such as Apple, Google, GE, and others have developed low-cost ways of saving energy and protecting the environment. However, they’re almost always pooh-poohed by Democrats and the mainstream media. Every year new technology solves problems that were thought unsolvable, and climate change, if it’s really as big of a threat as liberals say, will also be solved by new technology. Despite the unsurpassed success of American for-profit innovation, climate change proponents insist on government-ran, anti-capitalistic solutions.
  11. Much of the latest hysteria comes from the highest concentration of communists in America–Hollywood. No one doubts that Hollywood has become a bastion of leftist politics. Much of that can be traced again to Soviet “Active Measures”.  Ronald Reagan wrote extensively about the growing communist influence in Hollywood when he was President of the Screen Actors Guild. Here’s a brief history of Hollywood communism if you’re not familiar. Nowhere do you hear more about climate change hysteria than California, probably the biggest center in the world now of anti-American communist propaganda.

Again, I’m not debating the particular science of climate change. It may indeed be a great problem threatening the future of our planet. However, as the above points show, a critical thinking human being must remain skeptical. Disaster, end-of-world predictions have been going on since the beginning of time, and they’ve always been proven wrong.


Written by: Joe Messerli
Last Modified: 7/15/2018