04-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

takes vegetables off bacon cheeseburger lower calories
car wrong lane more see people dislike public
people living life not bothering anyone government jessica jones
breaking news 2+2=3 media sheep conspiracy
red flag laws when group of murderers thieves congress decide who shouldnt own a gun
underreported at border patrol al qaeda no espanol
babylon bee adorably naive optimist lockdowns end someday

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet parents beg you to examine kids names spelled backwards analram
tweet ursula therapist steps next time husband annoys you more throw pillows
tweet james breakwell 10 year old salads
tweet patriot j next time card liquor story id racist

Quote of the Day

quote ayn rand fast approaching stage government do anything citizens ask permission

The ‘Crisis’ Will Never End

Now, It’s Time to Stop Listening to Fauci…Even Liberals Are Calling Him Out – Matt Vespa

covid gun climate crisis total protection bubble wrap
will ferrell only 3 more dockdowns to christmas
tweet sharvail walmart kid haircut march 1000th

Message of the Day

message sign masks not required if concerned stay home

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Liberal Pollster Shreds the Current COVID Panic Narrative
11 Reasons Government is Less Efficient Than the Private Sector

04-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dont know midlife decided ongoing crisis
60 myths show deceptive editing desantis
burning looters fighting establishment sponsored by netflix amazon disney sign
graph feeling of power telling people wear mask
joe biden meeting world leaders smart or like me forrest gump
education system nutshell elementary hs sheep college jobs market
joe biden gun confiscation law abiding citizens criminals
infrastructure biden plan sell brooklyn bridge
media joe biden cover up
chauvin trial find guilty or riots minnesota lady justice

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet favorite way online shop yell out what i need until ads appear in feed

Let’s See, What Else Is In the Way of American Communism?

Here We Go: Biden Establishes Commission to Study Court Packing, Other SCOTUS ‘Reforms’

chickens theyre eating us you and your conspiracy theories

Quote of the Day

quote truth doesnt mind being questioned lie does

Messages of the Day

message sick until proven healthy no more tyrannical than guilty until proven innocent
message voter id harder to cheat free speech to lie 2nd amendment steal liberty

Not a Babylon Bee Satire Article

Michigan Governor Whitmer Calls for 14-Day Lockdown to Slow Covid-19 Surge

face palm

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Biden’s California Dream – John Stoessel
GOP Needs to Understand That the Corporations Are Its Enemy – Kurt Schlichter
Ending Big Tech Tyranny – Betsy McCaughey
Charlie Kirk to Take Rush Limbaugh’s Time Slot

04-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

lebron cant win space jam without super team jordan had bill murray newman
crap cat old lady fell cant get up whos going to feed
when group calling everyone nazis demanding you carry papers
dc swamp joe biden infrastructure bill more where that came from
barack obama worst president ever joe biden hold my beer
dr fauci fuck you and your mask wheel of fortune
joe biden border immigrants if you come give you free stuff
2020 election showed democrats know how to cheat well republicans dont have balls to do anything

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet robert schultz contact previous employer
tweet ariana bradford terrible twos just admit kids are dicks until move out
tweet cass boyfriend in mood chickfila beer boob good as new

Quote of the Day

quote okay do business in china but no georgia apple nike coke delta

Lesson of the Day

lesson 25 percent of all debt usa since 1776 last 12 months

Message of the Day

message unlike coke delta mlb i dont believe minorities are too stupid to get an id

In Case You Still Believed the CDC Is a Non-Political “Science” Organization

CDC Director Declares Racism a ‘Serious Public Health Threat’

Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky is fast entering the same unscientific ass clown category as Dr. Fauci.

you chained to science chained to politics masks

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60 Minutes Smear of DeSantis Keeps Getting Worse — Katie Pavlich
‘Random Act of Journalism’ The Today Show Did That Blows Apart the COVID Panic Narrative
Hasta La Vista, RINO: Alaska Poll Shows Murkowski in Trouble
Like It Never Even Happened – Derek Hunter