12-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

as one door closes another opens advnet calendar chocolate
doordash delivery preference leave doorstep get hell out of here home alone
no travis kelce taylor swift simone biles jonathon owens
vet stop baby voices see dog vomiting continues
figment of your imagination too civilized tyranny happen here
this is a man flannel governments btch mask outdoors
mainstream media desantis knocked out gavin newsom winner
ntsb proposes ai speed assistance technology police reporting speeding
plant based meat means chemical pollution
flags found usa canada border fck trudeau biden
kermit book why tax dollars not for americans
biden white house christmas tree falls bidenomics 10 percent not as bad as looks
openai corporate board protect world artificial intelligence sam altman firing
pbs logo is liberal npc meme

Lesson of the Day

lesson myth free markets monopolies government creates

Social Media Posts of the Day

x atlantic inflation is your fault government propagandists
x jp morgan dimon rinos neocons media pushing warmonger nikki haley
x mcentee ireland minister police state report neighbors
x dumbest thing spent tons money on taxes
x rand paul free speech protection act unlike affordable care patriot cook bezos zuckerberg
x heavy snow ice frozen jets munich bound dubai global warming

Out-of-Touch Leftist Bubble News

disney ceo lack of execs on set marvels underperform

Quote of the Day

quote ayn rand society robs individual product effort not society mob gang violence

Message of the Day

lisa simpson corporations not advertising you are resistance

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12-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

parenting will get easier bastards lied to me
if snowmobile stuck let buddy know not wheelie
sopranos tommy devito italian hero patriots commanders
jnj pfizer moderna scientists finding exactly paychecks say
homeless best economy ever joe biden right wing nutcase if dont see
lifeguard israel aid anchor democrat hamas support
minding own business hear someone bring back masks
obama who killed children flying robots cries americans defend tyrannical government
socialism destructive wrong republicans applaud talking about you

Follow the “Science”

Always remember the millions who were censored, banned, erased, fired, and ridiculed for saying what should have been obvious…

headline texas attorney paxton suing pfizer covid misrepresentation
x ukhsa boss no proof facemasks worked may have made worse
airlines special kind of stupid passenger separations flight masks
mugshot we deserve dr fauci

Message of the Day

message umbrella haircut never forget the stupidity

Social Media Posts of the Day

x work lets circle back after holidays season began
x body hits 42 actively trying to kill you sneeze
x dick durbin martha blackburn blocks release epstein flight logs
x takei gop senator question kamala harris racist low iq

Quote of the Day

quote aurelius key being prepared unknown developing resilience composure confront

No More Apologies!

Enough already! The ONLY way to respond to Cancel Culture fascists is a clear, unapologetic F-U!

x chiefs fans red black show support kid
babylon bee journalists condemn little leaguer blackface eye

Mainstream Journalism Is Dead

x musk glenn greenwald corporate journalists losing minds

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12-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cats all day when im trying to sleep rock band
women dating apps jabba hutt solo how tall are you
babylon bee sad new napolean movie french guy not sweet dance moves
nike found colin kaepernick job kneel all he wants shoe salesman
when first discover libertarianism months later chainsaw
shawshank what in for meme irish government didnt like
working class doesnt want to be fired sharing opinion online nikki haley
biden hamas israel tug of war self
republicans democrats emergency funding bill billions lego pieces
british disney mickey mouse abide my rules else musk x twitter go fck yourself

Government: “But, But Inflation is Falling!”

I cannot drive home these points enough. The inflation rate is simply a percent of the last base measure, so if a price goes from $100 to $200 to $250, by the media/government’s definition, inflation has “fallen” from 100% to 25%. And as we know, government numbers are always adjusted so they get the results they want; e.g. quoting numbers with food, health care, housing, and/or fuel removed. There’s no doubt the price levels of counted goods/services are slowing since there isn’t available money to feed demand. For example, when Biden was selected president, an American maybe had $3000 monthly take-home pay but only spent $1500 on essentials such as food, fuel, and housing. That means $1500 was available to spend on phones, TV’s, clothes, etc.; however, because the essentials cost more and must be purchased whatever the cost, maybe now $2900 of that $3000 take-home pay is spent on essentials, leaving only $100 for the non-essentials. Therefore, the demand curve shifts and quoted average price levels slow. The Biden administration can then pat themselves on the backs, with the media cheerleading the “recovery” from inflation. 🙄

joe biden ghost of inflation present

Social Media Posts of the Day

x bloomberg death fan taylor swift climate change
x tuition free debt free education family higher taxes
x womens fall fashion wearing blanket
x steven fund capitol police tucker carlson fired

Message of the Day

message ask native American government gun guntrol worked out for them

Leftwing Asshats Like Andrew Sorkin Live in a Scripted Bubble

x cnbc sorkin musk disney boycotts public judge
x woke marxist dont apologize musk sorkin

Quote of the Day

quote stacie martin stand up front world express truth clear others do the same

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