05-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

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bugs bunny emotional support animal day with me carrot juice
kids summer schedule fight popsicle parents fetal position
thiking other women batman ironman spider man dash
me listening someone vent realizing theyre problem
wanting life 80s movie breakfast club red dawn
joe biden toilet bowl polls
youre hiding disinformation inside your head
joe biden unity spiked club
hillary clinton epstein killed himself joe biden economy
joe biden foot mouth safety pin grenade

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tweet husband harry potter erectus protectus condom
tweet one class wine heart bottle mental health
tweet finance nonstop country music breakup
tweet people marching kill kids take away guns ukraine

Quote of the Day

quote mel brooks accuse me vulgarity i say bs

Random Thoughts of the Day

Did you ever notice that when the mainstream media and historians evaluate presidents and members of Congress, (other than political party) they use two primary criteria to judge success:

  1. How much did they expand the size of government?
  2. What new legislation or laws did they get passed?

Another way to put this is “How much did they ‘get done?'” Did you ever think about what this really means? When they create new entitlement programs or increase the funding for existing programs, they’re widely praised, but this simply means the politicians are spending more money that will have to paid for with either higher taxes, or the more common recent method, debt & money printing, which has led to the explosion of inflation. What makes matters so much worse is that it’s politically risky to rollback a government program once they’ve started it, so most politicians don’t even try. Plus, all that new government spending is NEVER a no-strings-attached deal. The money is used to CONTROL, as with the Department of Education and Obamacare. Then, there’s the 2nd measure of “accomplishment”–new laws. Another way of thinking of this is that every new law, regulation, administrative rule, executive order, etc. just means another piece of your freedom has been taken away, made illegal, usually without any power granted by the Constitution.

It’s yet more evidence the mainstream media is a tool of the Ruling Class, an enemy of the people. it’s time to flip the script on the way we judge political leaders. We should be thinking about how much they CUT spending & the size of government. How many laws were repealed? How many regulations were rolled back? How many executive orders were reversed? True benefactors of the people will try to decrease their own power and that of future leaders who will hold the position.

Until we change these fundamental measures of success, the country will never improve, regardless of what political party is currently in charge.

quotes biden help on the way reagan scariest words government here
when economically literal start talking inflation relief checks
message media tells you love hate afraid trust think free mind mental slavery

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Message of the Day

message never forget did to kids name of science covid pods music

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05-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda holding back sarcastic responses
teletubbies personalities new friend meeting table
psychiatrist dreams meaning dinosaur shark rocket launcher
government every time steal money thank me shake my hand breading bad
joe biden obamas 3rd term bombs sippy cup
me family event all conspiracy theories turned out to be true
joe biden planet of the apes blew it all up
farley saw it on tv be afraid my research is done
democrats moving on from flag burning constitution
joe bidenpox common sense crime reality supply chain inflation media
biden harris if cheat in front of entire world imagine willing to do behind back
beto orourke how can i make this tragedy about me

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Sponge Bob Square Pants Meme Gallery

Get Used to Sharing Apartments, Millennials

At least you got a $1200 stimulus check! 👍 Well done, FJB.

tweet mortgage rate new home price comparison 1 year

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tweet hall shooter white supremacy other gun control stealing rights
tweet stimulus checks inflation gas rent 401k
tweet drink iced coffee 4 minutes have hope
tweet australia why need guns dont get locked camps virus survival

Americans Who Oppose Him Are ‘Domestic Terrorists,’ But He’ll Still Protect His Communist Buddies

tweet marco rubio biden farc columbia cuba venezuela

Quote of the Day

quote john kennedy give money countries hate us free

Message of the Day

message never create enough laws evil doesnt obey

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05-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

meanwhile in russia mcdowells arches
clear blue pregnancy test period 11th hour
sign dogs prepare babies cats teenagers
raccoon me waiting reacting garbage i post
impress her something expensive gas knees
anti authoritarians abuse power people bad need more state
americans sleeping burning couch value us dollar inflation
old fashioned glad mother was woman
dirty work hands so ukraine can get 40 billion
shell hell sign gas station
surely things get back to normal 2022 planet of apes

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet democrats control presidency house senate wondering why everything sucks

Quote of the Day

quote scalia dont attack people ideas separate the two

Messages of the Day

message every citizen see governor attorney general made up biden sovereignty who
young adult same level heartbreaks alcolism depression

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