07-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

if patriots of today were alive in 1776 redcoats lives matter respect authority submit comply
imagine an america where celebrating your independence is now a counter protest
doctor when will covid 19 be over im not much into politics
black labs matter dont you fucking start signs
corporate find difference cccp black lives matter fist same picture
\left wing fireworks happy 4th burning flag statues aunt jemima bible
capitol hill autonomous zone city of seattle babies in playpen
back to future survivors socialism venezuela cuba seen this one leftists america what do you mean brand new
babylon bee democrats celebrate dependence day
antifa come at me fascist trump supporter patriot forgets not on internet
is it wrong to follow rioters home burn down their property
socialists living in capitalism unbearable in socialism isnt real fire

Message of the Day

i will never apologize for being a patriotic american

“Science” Update

Is there anyone out there who still believes the mainstream media ever actually deliver news and information rather than being propaganda brainwashing dispersal units? 🙄

colorado sun black lives matter protests may have slowed overall spread of coronavirus

Tweets of the Day

tweet if foreign adversary send invaders into america whose side would democrat party be on
tweet thomas sowell constitution cannot protect you if you vote for people that violate it
tweet cj pearson get-out-of-my-way

Quotes of the Day

quote thomas jefferson i prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery
quote american patriot see me watching you will know my name
quote ronald reagan if lose freedom here no place to escape on earth
quote freedom is only one generation from extinction ronald reagan

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07-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

believe in something nike even if gets facebook jail 30 days just post it
pigeons save our statues sign
petty you see bubba wallace when you pull down on rope garage door closes
the purge election year guns mcclusky couple
fauci 1st amendment freedom to assemble require doctors permission
joe biden completes a sentence you did it you crazy son of a bitch
wearing mask staying 6 feet because government told you glad didnt say suck a dick
like being black nice like being white racist
babylon bee we cant just overturn precedent says supreme court justice
just in case youre wondering rest of 2020 next five months spell jason
government americans should have 3 months saved up also national debt clock

Math Lesson

A math example on testing availability:

Month 1: 1000 actual cases, 100 tests conducted, 5% positive rate = 5 total cases by official CDC totals
Month 2: 100 actual cases, 2000 tests conducted, 5% positive rate = 100 total cases by official CDC totals

So actual cases are 1/10th what they were, but official totals show an “increase” of 5 to 100.


And we now know from antibody tests and asymptomatic positive cases the survival rate is over 99.9%, even factoring in the nursing home debacles that accounted for almost half of cases.

Translation: don’t believe the media bullshit. Let’s go back to our normal lives and get to herd immunity.

south park its over stan covid is here soon only 99.98 percent of us will remain

Adventures in Government Screwups

Coronavirus: IRS Sent Stimulus Checks to 1 Million Dead People

I’m sure there will be 0 problems though when we have mail-in voting. 👌

Should We Be Surprised?

maduro venezuela blm founder picture together

Tweet of the Day

tweet removing aunt jemima keeping high fructose corn syrup liberal hollow symbolic gestures

Quote of the Day

quote first epidemic in history accompanied by social network brainwashed entire populations fear hysteria

Question of the Day

question which of these loves america the most trump supporters or fiden tear down statues

Don’t Question, Just Comply

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