12-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

no alcohol profanity smoking nudity penguins thief of job
to all friends lost my job covid christmas gift this year is me membership renewed
me talking someone calls instead of text and you horse you rode in on
every news broadcast since january 2020 doom
cnn fake news brian stelter jeff seinfeld shirtless couch
joe biden fall down stairs dog maga hat
governor whitmer no christmas fun rule galaxy dark lords nailed what to wear
president said democrats stole election media blindfold have not seen evidence

Facemasks: the New Left Religion

Joe Biden: “I’ll ask Americans to wear facemaks for the first 100 days of my administration….not forever, just 100 days. It will lead to a ‘significant reduction’ in Covid-19 cases if every American wore a face covering.”

Does anyone reading this live in a city where there has NOT been a 100 day mask mandate in place? I’m guessing most Americans have been subject to complete or partial mask mandates for 6+ months. Has this lead to a reduction of infection rates anywhere? In a year of insanely stupid gaslighting statements, this is near the top of the list! it’s a sign of things to come in a Joe Biden administration. Maybe he should come out with a new lockdown plan entitled, “Fifteen days to slow the spread.”
message my mask inside my immune system you have one too
wonka tell me again how virus escaped level 4 biolab but youre going to stop with daisy print home made mask
message where is your mask son rambo just keep pushing
farley for the love of god shove the mask up your ass

Don’t Blame Us, It’s the Algorithm

Big Tech leaders love to explain away their obvious biases by saying the “algorithm” rather than individual humans manage posts, search results, news story prominence, etc.; to an extent, this is correct. When you’re talking about billions of posts and web pages, it’s impractical for a group of humans to manually decide what needs to be censored. However, what they hope you don’t realize is that algorithms are all designed by humans and subject to the same biases & corruption. An algorithm is a term used by computer programmers to describe a sequence of math & decision-making logic steps. As someone who’s programmed for 25+ years, I can tell you it’s very easy to manipulate mathematical formulas and decision trees to get exactly the results you want. How does this apply to tech censorship? It’s simple – all internet posts are given mathematical numbers. The higher the number, the higher it will appear in Facebook/Twitter feeds and Google search results. If you want communist “news” sites like CNN, NY Times, and MSNBC to appear at the top, you simply use a higher multiplier. If you want conservative sites like Townhall, Daily Caller, and Breitbart to be buried farther down, you simply use a lower multiplier. If you want to exclude certain results entirely, you simply add in exception logic to scan for keywords like “Hunter Biden” and “payoff”. This works like a charm. Try doing a Google search on any news topic. Watch which websites come to the top and notice which ones you don’t see unless you click through several result pages. As for Facebook & Twitter, did you ever notice that despite hundreds of friends or followings, you always seem to see the same people and the same type of posts? They’re all part of the same formulas. Social media sites are interested not only in censorship but manipulating you into addictive regular use. Watch Netflix’s Social Dilemma to see how they do this.

Remember, algorithm simply means programmed bias, meaning young, leftwing techies from California who answer to truly evil people like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey.

Zuckerberg Changed Facebook Algorithm to Highlight CNN, The New York Times Post-Election

maga shadownbanned twitter reddit facebook youtube google censorship

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet jpbrammer spending two weeks no one found source of problems
tweet democrats one whistleblower impeach trump hundreds not enough voter fraud

Quote of the Day

quote thomas sowell elections should be held april 16th taxes

Message of the Day

message real conspiracy theory media never lie government cares pharma wants to cure them

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12-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

where can i find microwave doesnt beep family doesnt know eating again
wise man secrets of universe cannibalism would solve both world hunger and overpopulation
cloud capture lots of user data nsa mr burns
aoc order noel on amazon sent leon hate capitalism
bigfoot riding lochness monster more believable than biden winning election
thats how you do an apocalypse 2020 pushing 2012
george senate runoff freedom hanging off cliff democrats trying to steal
apple disney blizzard tiffany nba kneeling to china not south park
kamala harris breaking joe bidens ankle misery bed wooden block
stockings joe boot hunter money bag jill biden fireplace

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet trump democrats crushing defeat down ballot only one lost massive fraud rigged election

Question of the Day

question if i yelled bingo refused to examine card would you give me prize anyway

Quote of the Day

quote aleksandr we know theyre lying they know still lie

Message of the Day

message mask breathing bacteria keeps me safe covid

Random Thought of the Day

Many people think conservatives are old, stodgy, and closed-minded. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most conservatives, myself included, start out as wide-eyed liberals. Then, life experience slowly changes their views, impacted by among other things, paying taxes, owning a home, having a family, witnessing decades of government mismanagement & corruption, and watching new media overhyped hysteria stories every year. If you think about it, conservatism represents the cumulative wisdom, experience, and knowledge of thousands of years of human history. While new ideas are welcome and sometimes change is necessary, most conservatives learn as time goes by that things are the way they are for good reason.

quote abraham lincoln what is conservatism adherence to old tried against new and untried

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12-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

perfect gift head 65 percent off husband wife
people need to appreciate effort not being a serial killer
why stick qtip half way up somones brain covid drop of spit infect 6 feet away
liberal democrats extend olive branch cactus to republicans
media poll 148 percent of americans believe voter fraud doesnt exist
dog faced pony soldier who injured joe bidens ankle
the left after not my president riots protests slander news making fun of trump supporters
bought this blue shirt election edition
kamala harris tripping joe biden bad dog

Warning: Telling the Truth on Covid Isn’t Politically Correct

total covid canada deaths long term care stats

Yes, They’re Democrat/China/Deep State Lapdogs, But They Don’t Care Who Knows Anymore

The last five years, virtually every single question asked of Trump by the mainstream media in press conferences, interviews, and the debates was a whiny, disrespectful, attacking “gotcha” question. So now we get to see if Biden will be asked ONE SINGLE TOUGH QUESTION in his entire four years in office. Of course, should that happen, the question will be ignored, and the reporter will be banned from the Deep State DC party scene from that moment on. His/her journalism career at any mainstream outlet will be over.

The Obama Media is Back – Derek Hunter
O’Keefe Tells Hannity CNN Tapes Reveal Network Is ‘Propaganda’

msnbc cnn nbc cnn fox news npr iwa jima joe biden
dr dolittle china who us mainstream media lapdog trumps fault
breaking news joe biden white house pet mainstream media

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet kayleigh mcenancy washington post biden all female press team trump vp flotus second lady already
tweet not going to thanksgiving might kill them say every year

Quote of the Day

quote walter bagehot greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do

Message of the Day

message our life is continuous cycle realizing how dumb we were a few years back

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