Greetings! As you probably guessed from the website title, PoliticallyIncorrectHumor.com is an entertainment site built to take on the absurd, politically correct culture that has infested America. While the focus of the site is on humor, I strive to educate and expand your mind, to teach you to think in a way that has too often been stamped out by the hyper-PC, pro-big government mainstream media.


Admittedly, there is a libertarian bias at this site, but please keep an open mind, and try not to take anything too seriously.


The website was just launched in April 2018, so please check back regularly as I add more content. I will be posting daily memes, quotes, and random thoughts. I will try to add a weekly Top-5/10/20 list and trivia game. You’ll also see added opinion articles, learning tools, surveys, and other fun stuff.


It always annoys me personally when I visit websites dominated with advertising, pop-ups, auto-playing videos, and next/previous screens that make browsing a pain, especially on small devices. This site is designed to be as smooth and easy-loading as possible. There will be NO ADVERTISING and NO POPUPS (other than my own book described on the side bar). Please let me know ASAP if you come across any slow-loading or difficult-to-navigate screens.


Welcome to a new world of political incorrectness!


Website created and maintained by Joe Messerli.