02-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

rappers graffiti tattoos look like desks detention
simplified blogging post shares followers dog comments
cats couch lion king scar
marge simpson yoga position american taxpayer
have you been called conspiracy theorist lawyer entitled to apology
me selling red meat black market crickets only legal protein source
how you look trusting government tiger tail outlet pool
leftists nuclear energy no kill all cows eliminate airplanes yes
inflation reported by white house actual andre giant
how we imagined ai 40 years ago now gemini artificial intelligence
non binary spanish translation masculine femine
who isnt struggling to pay rent buy groceries zelensky ukraine
babylon bee google ai gemini promise better job hiding racism

Maybe the Same for Politician Bunkers? 🤔

billionaire bunkers can be sealed with concrete

Social Media Posts of the Day

reddit british food that bad if made correctly
x 95 percent media calls far right extremists left alone
x social media seeing ads overheard conversations

Quote of the Day

quote ryan reynolds people la afraid of gluten rob liquor store with a bagel

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Message of the Day

message immature vs mature thinking responsible challenge offended

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02-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kermit prepared rest of week coat umbrella flip flops
dog vet doctor how are you feeling tailwagging to down
babylon bee wife cant recall car keys remembers dumb thing said 12 years ago
cat sir isaac newton forgotten hero tree apple
goals for 2024 2023 2022 2021 2020 wasted pandemic
girls run the world lyrics vs bohemian rhapsody
without government throw perfect cherries away surplus
everyone picture cabin no internet month no cellphone determined that was lie
comparison of bigger bombs disney the marvels

We Should Definitely Put Government in Charge of Healthcare 👍

headline prison inmate 550 million covid tax credits swindle

Social Media Posts of the Day

fb falling down beavis butthead soup seinfeldisms
x spend more than earn irresponsible generous
x someone tell woman kids onky happy 40 hours cube souless corporation

Quote of the Day

quote honey child price of anything amount of life exchange for it

Your AI-Run Future 🙄

x us or natzi germany better place live gemini ai
chatgpt which ok stop hurting white people black asian jewish

The Brainwashing Runs Deep

x never forget half democrats prison fines for questioning shots

Democrats OK with fines, prison, and mandates for vaccine deniers: Poll

x youtube google meta zuckerberg deleted fitness influencer

It will always be a battle to shatter the scripted reality that most of the world lives in. The last few years have shown us most of population can be conditioned to accept (and even cheer on) censorship and government control of our medical decisions. We must do everything to keep these tyrants out of power at every level of government and the corporate world, while exposing the mainstream media lapdogs that spread their BS.

simpsons tap the sign dont hate journalists enough
x jacket mask pocket machete wasteland roving gangs cannibal raiders

Message of the Day

message medical gaslighting google medical degree knowing own body

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02-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

children dont memorize state capitals pub trivia success
christmas pillows double as valentines days ho ho ho oh
cat therapy session dog walks fancy
babylon bee new apple vision pro husbands alert wife upset
robot chess piece breaks hand child starship troopers
epa mandated electic daytona 500 charging stations
cmon soros grim reaper rothschild
golden book everyone dont agree russian bot media government excuse making
disney swapping established franchise woke sht indiana jones
dont know how many 200 dollar grocery trips left in me
bunch of lying racists fani nathan cash
babylon bee preparation wwiii diversity inclusion training

Social Media Posts of the Day

x pollution ocean fish among trash accurate dating wise
x how unsubscribe boss emails
x website idea input year graduated facts concepts taught school disproven

Setting the Precedent

x billions student loans transferred others biden

Nevermind the big F-U Biden is sending to people who didn’t go to federally-controlled indoctrination college or who paid off their loans. Think about the precedent it’s setting. Any president can bypass Congress to spend money, ignoring explicit words in the Constitution preventing him from having this power, and ignoring a recent Supreme Court decision that said outright he couldn’t do this. It’s giving power equivalent to that of a dictator or king, with the purposely constructed check’n’balance eliminated. This is where the “speaking truth to power” mainstream media is supposed to raise hell, but where they’re once again showing their slave status to the Ruling Class. What if Trump unilaterally cancelled the loans of oil companies to help lower gas prices? What if he cancelled the judgements against Alex Jones and Rudy Guliani? What if he reinstated all the medical licenses of those who were cancelled for questioning the Covid vaccine or recommending alternative treatments like Ivermectin? Courts would likely raise hell and declare these Trump actions unconstitutional. However, Biden has now set the precedent–you can ignore the courts and do whatever you want if it buys you the voting blocks you need.

stop complaining helping people robbing student loans
youre systematically racist taxpayer pay student loan
liberal college student loan biden sucker american worker

Question of the Day

question taxation 100 percent of income slavery what percent is it not

Quote of the Day

quote milei collectivist experiments never solution root cause of problems

Cult of Climate Change

should i support efforts stop climate change critical thinkings npc liberal

Message of the Day

message if dont think people mind control look how treat thinks freely questions narrative

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