03-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

two types of drunk people horse hug sword fight
polar bears response code new diversity drink pepsi
illegal immigrant kid passport dont leave home without it
new york handlied pandemic correctly snow white you must be dopey dr fauci
dr seuss racist according to old white president but not young black one obama
cant afford anything minimuw wage vote for guy makes everything cost more biden

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet name one time human history censor speech were good guys vivek
tweet jamai green when getting bribe for vote get money up front

Question of the Day

question isnt great cardi b wap song number one 80 year old childrens book banned

Message of the Day

message ignoring evidence election fraud murder already dead

President Let’s-All-Come-Together

Biden Says ‘Neanderthal Thinking’ Behind Lifting of Mask Rules

So remember, if you believe in allowing people freedom to make their own choices, you’re a Neanderthal.

babylon bee texas removes mask mandates keep californians away
tweet will red state abandoning lockdowns blue states get federal bailout
social media fact checker to be healthy masks no sunlight
i trust dr seuss more than dr fauci
once covid over sounding like when i win the lottery

Quote of the Day

quote people who rule know if wont fight breathe skys limit perpetual enslavement masks

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03-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

english teacher children in dark make mistakes
victoria secret banned breastfeeding not what boobs are for
mr potato head vs gender head
america more votes cast than registered voters youre racist
joe biden not gonna donate my salary will donate yours
indians sick of white man branding heritage include casinos
sheep social distance masks isolate vaccinate normal any day now
biden blaming trump for kurdish genocide ignoring china
babylon bee find 17 examples racism dr seuss
liberals biden harris minimum wage stimulus student loan best i can do bombing syria

Social Media Post of the Day

mewe live in world more offended opinions that government lies censorship controlled

Quote of the Day

quote rush limbaugh america is worth fighting for not giving up

Message of the Day

message not a conspiracy theory when you have proof

Traces of Freedom in America?

tweet gavin newsom texa mandate governor not about to be recalled
tweet steve deace welcome masking branch covidian

Abandon Ship! 16 Governors Scramble To End Lockdowns, Mask Mandates

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03-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

breaking news lucky charms announced keeping leprechaun irish not over sensitive little bitches
coronavirus covid sponge bob me living thru y2k 2012 swine flu justin bieber
dr fauci 2035 masks year 2035 moving goalposts
government media shoving marx book covid 19
kermit making healthy people act sick masks munchausen syndrome none of my business tea
virginia school system drops dr seuss racist
joe biden you aint black clarence thomas you aint president
stop identity theft covid flu

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet kevin sorbo 2nd amendment muskets write me with quill horseback

Quote of the Day

quote clarence thomas if fail to give clear rules elections erosion voter confidence

The Corruption Scams Are Always the Same

How Biden’s ‘American Rescue Plan’ Leaves Flyover States In the Dust
Warren’S Wealth Tax Would Cost 100 Richest Americans $78 Billion
Biden Prepares to Push $2 Trillion ‘Infrastructure’ Plan

So Biden is pushing $3.9 of entirely new spending on top of our $5 trillion dollar annual budget, in a country that takes in annual tax revenue of less than $4 trillion and already has a national debt of $28 trillion. This is INSANE! As always, they throw a few dollars at the public, give it a fancy name like “Covid Relief” and “Infrastructure Repair,” then kickback almost all the money to special interests and campaign contributors. In this case it’s $1400 “stimulus” checks that go to less than half of Americans, which amounts to less than $200 billion, or about 5 percent of the total spending.

To put in perspective how much of a scam this is, if the government sent $10,000 to every man, woman, and child in American, it would total about $3.28 trillion….compared to Joe Biden’s $3.9 trillion. Special spending bills are nothing more than political slush funds. The “wealth taxes” pushed by Elizabeth Warren are just political theater. Even if this one works as intended, which is highly unlikely, it only raises $78 billion, or about 2 percent of the total! The “tax the rich” cover allows them to pass 2000-page bills that slowly come for income of the middle and lower classes.

Don’t fall for it, no matter how much you want your $1400 bribe money now!

joe biden deeper far left agenda debt digging
covid relief pork help taxpayer breathe pig
tweet candace owens biden covid relief stimulus

Message of the Day

message after biden last month glad did nothing for 47 years

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