07-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

coworker telling story wonder if you slapped them racoon
this person tried to unlock phone picture zuckerberg
never forget legend double fisting beers 9am wife olympics
cleveland indians no apache blackhawk helicopters tomahawk cruise missiles
hunter biden art for sale all access joe biden big guy
teachers crt bad news good as well as math
joe biden fraud jersey 46
thinking dr fauci concerned wellbeing like thinking stripper likes you
babylon bee compromise everyone scared covied locked down everyone else live normal

Tyrants Need an Enemy to Demonize and to Justify Their Anti-Freedom Crackdowns

let bipartisan pelosi jan 6th hearing begin rinos
smollette lebron michele obama wallace hoaxers we believe you
capitol police grandma january 6th crying

Even people on the Left know this January 6th hearing is a farce. However, the Ruling Class needs political cover to continue a crackdown on civil liberties against whoever disagrees with them or fails to obey & conform. And they know the level of anger in America is probably greater than any time in its history. I would argue that it exceeds that which existed during the Civil War. The big difference is divisions aren’t so easily divided geographically, on top of the fact the American people know it won’t be corrupt politicians & tech billionaires fighting off a rebellion. It will be the innocent police and military, made up mostly of good people simply doing their jobs.

Banks: This Is What Pelosi Doesn’t Want America to Know About Security Breakdown on January 6

Why the Left Can’t Let Go of Jan. 6 – Pat Buchanan

only reason government wants you disarmed is they intend to do something you would shoot them for
quote if you let government break law emergency will create to do so

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Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mom therapist husband deadly women
tweet errol webber covid pandemic end non compliance

Quote of the Day

quote jason bassler passports pedophiles rapists civil rights offenders real threat to societ more rights than unvaccinated

Message of the Day

message only in america stop football game measuring chains angles wont verify integrity of election

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07-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

2 reactions my sense of humor liotta laugh facebook 30 day ban
democrats 2020 protests fine 1 maga riot coup
us government priority harass unvaxxed not inflation child human trafficking
homer simpson neighbor ned flanders mask garage close
minimum wage regulation lockdowns help big business clown makeup
democrats anyone disappointed with government is this insurrection
covid mutating into midterm election variant
cleveland indians guardians wokeness chief wahoo
breaking news handyman isolates covid virus inside tv all along
pelosi january 6th bipartisan stunt circus rinos
kinzinger crying like justin smollett

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet macgy cleaned kitchen floors feet wine life coach
tweet kelsey take day off bigger person choose violence

Plandemic Fear-Engineering Update

duplicated tweets just left er delta covid

Quote of the Day

quote psaki flagging posts spread disinformation stalin hitler mao thumbs up

Was There Any Doubt Covid Tyranny Would Return Under Biden?

Apple Will Require Masks in U.S. Stores Regardless of Vaccination Status
We’ve Discovered the Real Reason the CDC Is Requiring All Kids Wear Masks in Schools

Nationwide, teachers & kids will be required to mask up regardless of vaccination & previous infection status. Now, the dominoes of liberally-run corporations are starting to require masks again. Watch for Costco, Whole Foods, Big Tech, and other left-leaning companies to join in soon. Blue-state governors will follow with new statewide mandates. And by winter, I expect Biden to again be pushing for a nationwide mask mandate. But not to fear, these measures are only temporary…you know, until we flatten the curve. 👍

lucy charlie brown just get the vaccine you dont have to wear mask football
tweet georgi boorman cdc said demask if get vaccine now time social controls again
tweet trump we wont go back masks covid lockdowns

BTW, I’ve repeatedly heard reports about meetings between the CDC and the White House or Teachers Unions to determine guidance recommendations. If the CDC was really about science, shouldn’t they be able to give their recommendations based only on discussions with other scientists? Or are politicians using the CDC as pawns to provide cover for their fascist, freedom-sucking policies? True leaders should look at CDC findings, based solely on science, not politics, for slowing the spread of Covid, but also balance the needs of the nation as a whole before setting policy–economics, psychology, personal liberty, child educational advancement, national morale & trust, and above all — QUALITY OF LIFE!!! Since this plandemic began 18 months ago, have you heard Dr. Fauci or anyone at the CDC and WHO utter one single word about freedom or quality of life? They have been and never will be part of their discussion.

you chained to science chained to politics masks

Flashback Quote of the Day

quote joe biden first 100 days ask public wear mask not forever just one hundred

Question of the Day

question let someone blindfold you feed anything stop letting media

Messages of the Day

mesage remember trump said after you im just in way
message kids raised face masks never fight for freedom

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Deep State Protection: Biden DOJ Drops Civil Rights Probe of Cuomo & Nursing Homes
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07-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when girlffriend crazy kinda like her more
moment realize tinfoil hat friend right about everything
wife pile of clothes floor killed jedi hate you use your hate
democrat diner voter id racist always supported hubris
california votes for 5 dollar gas gets it
billionaires if live her start paying taxes launch space

Quote of the Day

quote instead of wasting money flights wright brother couldve paid more taxes

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet kanan vitolo reading 1984 history government controlling social media
tweet matt couch remember mcconnell mccarthy mcdaniel rnc work on election integrity must go

Trust the “Science” and the Impartial Media

media protester vs conservative stories covid spread

Shocker 🙄

Another Reversal: CDC Releases New Mask Guidance
‘Sick Zealots’: CDC Ripped for Reversal on Masks
Covid-19 Science Meme Gallery

tweet zuby slow spread mask vaccine elderly app social credit score
covid gain of function dr fauci loss of credibility
media keep feeding covid fear still hungry
babylon bee to defeat delta experts recommend doing exact what didnt work first time

Message of the Day

message scariest thing some people dont want this to be over

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Stop the Fearmongering: Johns Hopkins Doctor Shreds Latest COVID Madness Peddled by CDC and Fauci
Gretchen Whitmer Will Be Stripped of Her Emergency Powers
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