07-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

3 day weekend holiday be productive me 8am opening beer
4th july cookout nobody roundhouse kick face napolean dynamite
midas shoes website internet ruined me
bugs bunny tin foil hat turns crown knowledge
july 4th biden inflation bologna ramen noodles
buzz lightyear celebrating day won by armed citizens 4th july independence
4th july celebration reactment of an insurrection
ace hardware baseball bats defend sticks
thanks uncle sam independence day biden crime inflation border marxist
maxwell 20 years sex trafficking assange 175 years war crimes
jabba the hutt im on a sex strike
comparison triggered every news scripted drama happiest you
supreme court administrative tyranny epa tree of liberty
flight departs gate rescheduled cancelled
joe biden happy halloween card 4th july

Flashback to Biden’s First Year, Sharing the Only “Good News” of His Presidency

we can save 16 cents of 4th july bbq state fram biden

Quote of the Day

quote roman maroni country founded fargin iceholes

Message of the Day

message clarence thomas want you understand constitution

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet thomas sowell freedom others do what dont approve of
tweet zuby fight freedom controversial
tweet cardillo next time give up freedom

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07-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

first senior moment dinosaurs noahs ark
vet cone dog stop sratching one for husband balls
when you finally meet like memes real life buffalo bill silence lambs
4th july britain seven years war raise taxes colonies fuck you are
kid rock me breaking detention center client list ghislaine maxwell
joe biden grand opening us recession ribbon
dating 2022 hope didnt get him pregnant
government what else lying about black hole
history federal reserve aunt whats inflation
told ya tin foil hate predicted coming true
babylon bee pride month over celebrate pride 11 more months
family leave no wed rather pay for your out of state abortion woke corporation

No Worries, the “War on Terror” Only Took 20 Years

tweet biden american drivers premium war long as it takes

Biden Approves Another $820 Million, the 14th Aid Package to Ukraine Since the War Started

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet california ag leaks gun owner info
tweet stop saying can get any worse
tweet couples therapist considered breaking up
tweet dating married watching shows together
tweet 4th of july canclled shortage independence

Quote of the Day

quote james earl jones star wars fans luke i am your father

Message of the Day

message weaponize fear playbook threat media

Flashback Reminder

flashback past stories trump undermining justice system law

A Storm Is Rising

Poll: 28% of American Voters Say They May Soon Take Up Arms Against Government

This poll under-samples right and libertarian-leaning voters, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the real total is closer to 1/3rd. It’s not really surprising when you constantly use emergency powers, stage gaslighting Soviet-style show trials, peel away civil liberties one-by-one, and talk of dismantling entire branches of government when they’re the only check on your power….when the only two viable political parties both spend & print money to unsustainable levels of debt & inflation, drag us into never-ending wars, and sign bipartisan bills to dismantle Constitutional rights while the public’s attention is diverted. Still, up until the last two years, as despondent as Americans have been about their leaders, there was always a tiny bit of hope, hope that you could debate new ideas openly and elect new leaders in the future. Stifling Big Tech censorship has now replaced that, and people fear the rigged 2020 election will only repeat into the future as Establishment politicians work to dismantle every common sense electoral integrity control. Very few in the media, entertainment industry, or academia seem the least bit bothered about all this. On the contrary, most are Ruling Class shills cheering it on every step of the way. So more and more Americans are losing hope every day that anything can ever possibly change.

The 2022 and 2024 elections are the last chance for America. If they pull the same shit with these elections as they did in 2020, and if the oppression unleashed by Big Tech & Covid continue, I can almost guarantee you will see some real insurrections breaking out around the country. The only way to prevent this is fair elections that bring new leaders, ones who will bring credibility & hope back to our institutions, while restoring freedom to the country that was supposed to define it.

quote mark twain patriotism country all the time government when it deserves
american pride month july 4th flag eagle

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07-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

lisa simpson stop making multiplayer games dont like people
quiet during daughter performance old men muppets mst3k
wife husband doghouse extended stay
ape ate 4 snickers still an ahole
cat smudge time out generation results asss whooping
red flag laws extremists moms school board meeting
trying understand 20 years sex trafficking ruling class more creating website maxwell assange
protest shots mask mandate now my body my choice liberal
real architect jan 6th nancy pelosi
48 days liz cheney political career over
antifa protesters rural america we are coming
spiderman pointing blasey ford smollett
california raisins testify j6 hearing heart it through grapevine
maxwell cell red light camera stops blinking

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet good morning america brown jackson first black supreme court justice
tweet phone using it lock pocket facetime 10 year contact
sorry missed call havent had ringer on 10 years
tweet stength husband move furniture marriage same spot
tweet needy body vitamins water oreo

The More You Know

reminder supreme court didnt ban abortions states have say

Textbook Activist Judge

Justice Kagan warns parts of East Coast could be ‘swallowed by the ocean’ in dissent in EPA case

It’s telling that Kagan uses AOC-type climate propaganda in her dissent. Supreme Court judges are given one job – interpret law, most notably in regards to the U.S. Constitution. It’s NOT to debate the pros/cons of issues. That is the whole point of the LEGISLATIVE branch of Congress. We the People elect representatives who debate & pass laws. The Judicial Branch is supposed to be a check on the power of the other two branches, preventing them from overstepping their allotted power, which is exactly what the current Supreme Court has done the past year. Note: the recent decisions that have triggered the most liberal squealing have been ones that simply returned issues to the states and American people to decide. Put another way, in the view of leftists: Unelected bureaucrats making law: GOOD; emergency powers for governors & presidents: GOOD; removing the ability of states to create their own laws: GOOD; totalitarianism: GOOD; debating and winning majority votes for new laws: BAD BAD BAD!!!

For all the criticism of the “conservative” members of the Supreme Court, can you think of a single case the past few years where you didn’t know what the three liberal justices’ votes would be even before the case was argued?

democrat justices making the law supreme court packing

Quote of the Day

quote give a person knowledge remain fools truth requires change gaskins

Introducing the New Biden-Appointed Judge

quote supreme court brown jackson do not hold position natural rights

Reminder to Those Who Think Elections Don’t Matter

complete list of judges hillary clinton got to nominate blank notepad

Message of the Day

message dont care anyone thinks dangerous freedom level awesome

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