10-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kermit discussion respecting wrong opinion
devito willing to shoot steal dog value start blasting
explaining new world order just comply restrictions go away
bare shelves sign of good economy biden bottleneck
make america great again my pillow joe biden
f joe biden ron swanson worried said lets go brandon establishment
pinnochio puppet cdc shots masks can I be free now
scientific method inability to question blind trust
zuckerberg revolution wont be televised not in newsfeed either
mayor pete handling supply chain paternity

Just Arrest Dr. Mengele Fauci Already

tweet rand paul nih collins told you so fauci

Dr. Fauci’s Lies About Funding Dangerous Research in Wuhan Corrected By His Own Agency

The Infinite Pattern of Government Spending

“Public schools are failing because they’re underfunded.”
“Here’s more money.”
*scores go down again*
“Public schools are still underfunded.”
“Here’s more money.”
*scores go down again*
“Public schools are still underfunded!”
*Here’s more — far more than ANY country in the world!”
*scores go down again*
“Maybe money isn’t the problem?”
“You hate our underappreciated teachers and don’t care about the children!”
“Fine, I will lose re-election if I don’t go along with this BS. Here’s even more money!”
*scores go down again*
“Public schools are underfunded!”
“But why are all the private schools doing well? Maybe parents should be able to decide where kids educational funding is spent?”
“NOOOOOOO! That is violation of church/state separation, you religious nut!!! And it takes money from the underfunded public schools! Boycott this politician!!!!
“Fine. I give up! Here’s more public school funding.”

School Spending Up, Test Scores Down
11 Reasons Government is Less Efficient Than the Private Sector

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet notorious what do differently divide transfer wealth
tweet charlie kirk fake white house actors spending bill nothing real about white house
Poland fining big tech censors communism

Quote of the Day

quote thormas paine greatest tyrannies always name of noblest causes

Message of the Day

message mayors governors fake president youre our employee

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Democrats Make It Impossible To Have Empathy – Derek Hunter
America’s Descent into Medical Fascism – Rob Jenkins
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10-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

pebble throw at people sing christmas songs october jingle bell rock
cats shredder trying to take our jobs
zuckerberg zombie bitten doesnt want anyone know
didnt realize parents teaching tell truth lead domestic terrorist as adult
children believe smarter repeat authority auutls same msnbc
kamala harris we did it joe biden empty shelves
5 letter word virus destroying economy crossword biden
tell me you’re in cult face mask vaccine earrings
cnn horse whipping chair tied
joe biden man in politics 50 years patience with us wearing thin
nothing says lying ass off going after rich banking activity 600

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet cubed stop diaper cakes painkillers ear plugs coffee
tweet gooden 80s 90s today radio station

Flashback Reminder

Even with the Election and Covid Crap Raging…

one year ago trump liberals ruin

The Party of “Science”

White House Rolls Out Plan to Vaccinate Kids, But The FDA Hasn’t Approved It Yet
CDC Director Confirms She Wants to Mask Your Kids Forever

tweet rochelle walensky mask mandates after vaccinations forever

covid vaccine mandates ruling class gun head science
dr fauci roman chariot following science politics horses
natural immunity 3 times zuckerberg fact check you

Quote of the Day

quote james clear people don’t want accurate information validating

Message of the Day

message at some point ask who need tax more where is money going
message dont silence for posting false info exposing agenda

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Left Offers a New Solution to the Supply Chain Crisis: Get Over It – Katie Pavlich
Biden Caves to Unions Again, Sabotaging Consumers – Betty McCaughey
The Left is Evil — and Liberals Keep Voting for Them – Dennis Prager
Zoom Video Conferencing Meme Gallery
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10-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

selfie toy story my childhood not yours
ive got proctologist memory always remember asshole
tiger hug person knife fork
biden inflation energy afghanistan border china miss trump yet
liberal get the shot wont be able to work fine terrorist
socialist venezuela empty shelves bidens america
government spending pig debt taxpayer learn live less
rogan drinking water cnn promotes liquid used as engine coolant
barnyard election pigs vote person feeds same person slaughter socialism defined
facebook must be censoring liberals havent seen great job joe biden posts
post rant about short staff biden harris lower your expectations

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet braxton wait ringing hate you for putting me through
tweet so your dad stepping on lego joy laughter
tweet meister southern border economy afghanistan all by design
tweet Stephen miller melania trump vs buttigieg absence cnn

Quote of the Day

quote lion child thought about quitting noticed who watching.jpg

This Is the Way to Do It

Country Singer Travis Tritt Takes a Massive Stand Against COVID Tyranny – Will Cancel Any Venue That Requires Masks or Vaccines

Dan Bongino Stands Up to Vaccine Mandates, Gives Ultimatum to His Radio Network

Government would never be able to enforce their medical police state if businesses didn’t enable them. Take a stand! If sales significantly drop and/or businesses can’t find enough workers to stay open, you can bet the mandates will disappear quickly! More and more police are refusing to enforce these unconstitutional mandates. If businesses & police don’t cooperate, the dictators in charge have nothing!

clocks back november 7th mine 1945 when country had some balls

Southwest Airlines Reverses Vaccine Mandates

Message of the Day

message supposed to be fight against pandemic protect people fight people

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Hate Speech! Trudeau Liberals Ban Use of “Let’s Go Brandon” in Communications
Joe Biden, Lori Lightfoot Each Caught Violating Mask Mandates
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Halloween Meme Gallery