11-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dogs vs cats mind food sleep murder
padded cell where be told therapist honesty
trying give up sexual innuendo hard
no popcorn shrimp no reason to try pot roast
first christmas under biden tiny tree present
trump writing ho ho ho kamala harris
mother why mainstream media not cover biden crimes criminals too
irs you thought all stuff free
biden releasing 3 days oil taxpayers already paid for generous god

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet being libertarian dnc top donor teacher reason out public schools
tweet zuby australia astria germany supposed to be joke

Quote of the Day

quote kayleigh mcenany americ no white supremacy problem spoiled unhinged liberal problem


tweet joe biden covid plan deaths 2021 exceed 2020

I stress again, I’m not an anti-vaxxer, but isn’t it interesting that despite the fact we have several vaccines, treatments, and baseline knowledge of Covid, the deaths are higher than when we had none of that? And the Delta variant that led to the recent surge of recorded cases didn’t exist until after the vaccines were approved? Maybe if we would have just let our immune systems do their jobs and achieve herd immunity without interference, Covid would be fizzling out by now? Let’s also keep in mind this whole thing started when Fauci and other “scientists” experimented in gain-of-function research.

Is it any wonder there’s a large segment of the population highly trained in medicine and biology that want nothing to do with anything produced by the modern science industries?

goldblum scientists so preoccupied whether they could didnt stop think if they should
medicine problem natural immunity free
zuby doublespeak vaccines clowns hospitals protect others

Biden Just Issued Another Vaccine Mandate

Message of the Day

message pandemic of people cant admit they were wrong

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11-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

black friday at petsmart dogs door
kermit me not shopping on black friday
give up be dog person cats pulling sled
fun fact gag eating kale more calories burned
infinity war on covid you are here x office
cnn journalists before war torn country now 10 reasons spongebob transphobic
biden having bad vp makes look good worked for obama
maxwell trial attention compared to rittenhouse elites vs race agitation
bush when statist tries to figure out printing trillions thin air led skyrocketing inflation
babylon bee armery verdict liberals upset nothing to be angry about

Any of You See Media Bias There? 🤔

Do you remember when Trump’s tax cut was passed a few years ago? It expanded the lower tax brackets and dramatically expanded the standard deduction, leading to 90 percent of the country paying the same or less taxes. What was the media reaction? TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH!!!!! Even worse, they managed to convince the majority of the public they didn’t get a tax cut despite the fact they could see their weekly paychecks increasing 🙄. One downside of Trump’s tax plan for rich Democrats in high-tax blue states was the $10,000 cap on the state/property tax deduction. Most people didn’t notice the cap since the overwhelming majority of taxpayers used the new high standard deduction, but millionaires in blue states definitely did, and they’ve screamed like stuck pigs ever since.

Fast forward to today. Biden’s tax plan hits the majority of corporations and small businesses with tax hikes, which only filters down to the average person in higher prices. However, Biden is dramatically raising the deduction for state/property taxes. Since this is an itemized deduction, 90 percent of the country will see little or no benefit. The ones who definitely will though are millionaires and mega property owners in New York, California, and other blue states.

Have you heard one peep about tax cuts for the rich? Count on any final bills to have plenty of tax loopholes for the Democrat billionaire campaign contributors while the middle class gets screwed again. If history is any guide, they will put in tax increases that take effect immediately after a major election and/or put in some provisions that aren’t indexed for inflation, meaning they eventually hit lower income brackets. To the surprise of no one, the media will make sure the public knows as little as possible. And if they start to find out, change the subject — WHITE SUPREMACY! RACISM! SEXISM! OMG, A NEW COVID STRAIN!

joe biden raising your taxes gave all your money away
pelosi schumer 2 trillion blue state bailout robberty

Self-Destructive: House Democrats Now Own These Toxic Provisions in Biden’s Spending Scheme – Guy Benson

‘Big Mistake’: White House Announces Plan to Ease Spiking Gas Prices – Leah Barkoukis

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet cohen government dumbest incompetent collection
tweet energy warren joy reid 7 year olds thinking

Quote of the Day

quote dostoevsky keep prisoner escaping make sure never knows prison

Message of the Day

message everyone says would be guy stood up tyranny

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11-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

steps how to cook turkey win stuff table drunk
conversation therapist ok next question
what would gandalf do beat man with stick acceptable
woman carrying 4 beers stadium knew she was the one
bears lions thanksgiving
gas sign omg lol wtf ky jelly bend over
thanksgiving cdc baster booster
never ending vaccine movie poster
joe biden happy thanksgiving turkey pardoned not liberty
yellen thanksgiving inflation grow on you
teachers unions crt taught students cant read

Quote of the Day

quote limits tyrants oppressed frederick douglass

Eyerolls of the Day

california thanksgiving covid guidelines
tweet npr waukesha holiday parade still called christmas

Only the White Privilege/Supremacy Narrative Matters

rittenhouse vs waukesha driver no record long criminal history bail white privilege
media msnbc cnn kicking rittenhouse character assassination
tweet blm activist mows down crowd why not as bid as charlottesville
brooks waukesha woke bail reform ran over mother child

Tucker Carlson: Media won’t investigate motives in Waukesha massacre – here’s why

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet husband kids piano asking santa new one
tweet upset with wife targeted ads old people clothes

Messages of the Day

message thanksgiving why arent we thankful every day
message poor rich grave still same

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