09-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

jersey 00 days sober
gen z trying to decypher cursive hierglyphics
different from friends still vibe cat dogs
dont like me but friends do so end up timeline anyway
order proof of aliens wish.com
when 97k in debt all you did was be born
afraid covid clackers truck married satans sister
climate change want marxism nuclear power
woman boss hates strong independent family oppressed degraded
meme problem group making stealing them
call of duty pokemon soviet communism target actual audiences liberals
attorney general garland same laws apply no swamp creature
non binary didnt ask bigot

Social Media Posts of the Day

x southwest flight attendant pilot top gun try new things
x 2023 in nutshell democrats republicans shoveling cash furnace
x turned 18 dad charged cereal tip
x only time wife doesnt answer text store condensed milk
x un new york should house illegal immigrants worthless building
x jacinda un speech ardern censor all videos

Quote of the Day

quote samual adams tools of the tyrant pervert plain meaning of words

Latest in Big Brother Creepiness

If you haven’t noticed it yet, the government/Big Tech overlords have added yet another tool of censorship/thought control — text warnings as you’re typing. For example, my wife got this on an Apple iMessage:

text warning check your tone apple imessage

I’m guessing algorithms are in progress (if not already completed) to check our text discussions of Covid, climate change, Biden, etc. And I’d be shocked if even the most violent, unhinged discussion of Trump gets any such interrupted texts. Of course, they’re only taking cues from Facebook and other social media companies who have now been censoring private messages to other users for years.


Message of the Day

message allegations not convictions of guilt

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09-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

street corner artist forehead pure savage
been using baby gate wrong keep out football game
computer desk right wrong me slouching
s&m 20 minutes tinder date restroom
soviet liberal never seen crime gated community gun nuts detached reality
denver set provide homeless no strings cash drug dealers
obiwan redpill normie friend barrage memes sending me anti government content
drugs war on drugs fence cant get around
redneck check message red hat trump derangement syndrome
special counsel targetting hunter biden missing joe arrow
lady plane fetterman not real
beyond meat coo arrested biting nose became swore to destroy
uaw strike demands ev mandates rock hard place

Mainstream Media: “Why Do You Keep Calling Us the Enemy of the People?!!”

cnn scholars outdated constitution democracy at risk


headline pentagon exempts ukraine from government shutdown

Remember this headline when the media starts fabricating sob stories about a looming shutdown of government services and furloughed employees. Politicians will strategically inflict pain so their media allies can attack the libertarian-leaning Republicans while they conspicuously say NOTHING about trillions being added annually to an already $33 trillion dollar debt. It’s all a show. In the end, the weak-willed, unprincipled RINO leaders of the Republican party always cave. Furloughed employees get back pay, the stock market pops back temporarily, and in the next election Republicans can pretend they put up a fight. Regardless of what happens in the budget battles, at least we know Ukraine will be funded–the #1 priority of Americans. 🙄

war on russia infinity ukraine office sign here

Just Say No

fb david wells tape over nike logo woke

Social Media Posts of the Day

x cake for birthday two correct answer
x girls anxiety 3rd ice coffee murder podcast
x nephew floppy disks 80s whiskey
x hunter disinformation to corruption is good newsom

Quote of the Day

quote dostoevsky clever calls self fool once month

Let’s Waste Some More Billions While Convincing People with Cold/Flu They Have the ‘Rona 👍

x biden bringing back at home covid tests

Message of the Day

message trust built telling truth not what they want to hear

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09-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

noted son grounded something was going to do
dog dishwasher pre rinse cycle
cat tied up owner if hadnt declawed scratch through
fortune cookie fine tax doing wrong tax fine for doing well
shrek fiona chose ogre over politician infinging property rights
hear someone praise biden administration dropped nose clown
car mirror objects closer than they appear 1776.2
unsolved mysteries never worn still doing fine
regretted my transition john bobbitt
cdc new covid recommendations no one cares
iran joe biden 2024 cash ransom
biden 80 is new 40 explains bidenomics
follow the science big pharma chasing money media

Social Media Posts of the Day

x biden doj elon musk hit job perks ceo tesla
x political media class islamic terrorism patriot act tsa part of america now
x two weeks notice boss spring on me
x hurting back relax incorrectly

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Quote of the Day

quote sun tzu everyones atheist until clog toilet someone elses house

Message of the Day

message once all services provided state cant disagree

One Last Note

I post over a 100 memes every week, most of which are found around the web. Sorry, I don’t have time to notice and edit every grammer/spelling mistake, but thank you SOOOOOO much to the people that write in occasionally to tell me about an error. 🙄

turn in grammar police badge thatd be great
x children grandchildren see internet posts no regrets tattoo

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