10 Things You Can Do Right Now to End the Covid Tyranny

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I’ve described in the past several reasons why I think Covid restrictions will NEVER end unless the people rise up to stop it. Almost all of us have repeatedly watched Covid fascists like Dr. Fauci refuse to give any tangible measure for when we can go back to normal, so what do we do about it? The best solution is to topple the power structure of Big Tech, Mainstream Media, Big Corporations, and the current Socialist/Communist government. But that will likely take years and many elections. However, here are 10 steps you can take right now to end this Covid medical police state.

  1. Don’t enforce unconstitutional Covid rules. Whether you’re a business owner, manager, police officer, or local politician, just stop enforcing dictates like mask mandates, limited capacity, restricted business hours, etc.
  2. Don’t wear facemasks ever if you’re healthy, even if you see a sign that it’s required. Most businesses put the sign up because they don’t want to get sued or shut down, but fewer and fewer are enforcing it. The vast majority of people wouldn’t wear masks if they thought they had a choice, but it’s difficult for people to be the ONLY one not doing so. If you set the standard that it’s ok to go maskless, more people will follow. Start a chain reaction! What’s the worst that could happen — someone asks you to put it on? If so, you can then either put it on or go somewhere else.
  3. Don’t buy from businesses that insist on strict enforcement of mask mandates.
  4. Buy more from businesses that allow you freedom to make your own choices.
  5. If you’re a business that believes in freedom, advertise it. Put up a big bold sign saying “Masks Are NOT Required,” “This Store is Part of Free America,” or something creative.
  6. Do whatever you can to get the voting system fixed in your local area. Support voter ID & other verification measures. Insist on vote monitoring & audits for future elections. We can’t change the past, but if we can ensure free & fair future elections, the current fascist regimes will get voted out in a hurry.
  7. Protest at the offices of local officials that continue to dictate Covid restrictions. A lot of politicians mistakenly believe most of the people want mask mandates and other Covid restrictions. Noisy protests can get their attention and show them people are fed up!
  8. Let the population know each and every time a local politicians votes for restrictions. Make sure people know who to vote against in the next election and who NOT to donate money to or support in any way.
  9. Move. Join the many people leaving communist governments such as New York and California for free states like Florida and Texas. Politicians will be far more motivated to change as they lose more of the working, taxpaying base of their population.
  10. Spread your message on social media to let people know they’re not alone. Post pictures of yourself maskless at Walmart. Let others know which businesses are part of Free America. Post lists of politicians who vote for restrictions. Do everything you can to stir the shitstorm and start a chain reaction of people breaking free of the Covid chains forever!

message sign masks not required if concerned stay home
mewe ladee freedom fear virtue of left
message cant turn us into communist country refuse to comply start with business owners removing masks from shops

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4 Tips on Getting Around Big Tech Censorship

Written By:
Joe Messerli
on 4/20/2021

Four Tips on Getting Around Big Tech Censorship

We’ve all seen Big Tech censorship taken to ridiculous levels the past year in regards to Covid, political correctness, pro-Trump posts, and really anything that doesn’t fit with the current Leftist, Globalist agenda. The big advantage conservatives & libertarians have is volume. There are billions of social media accounts posting billions of times daily. There are millions of websites generating content every day that exceeds the entire content of public libraries. Big Tech can’t possible hire people to manually cover it all, so just about everything is governed by programmed algorithms. With that in mind, here are some tips to get around them:

    1. Intentionally misspell keywords or add replacement punctuation. Think about words in posts that are normally censored or “fact” checked: stolen election, Trump, MAGA, Covid-19, vaccine, hydroxychloroquine, Deep State, etc.. So if you post something controversial or politically incorrect, change it up. For example, Wuuuuuuhan Viru$, Deeep $tate, MA!GA, vaxcine, and so on. This includes comments, memes, and even social group names. “Trump Fans” will automatically register high on the censorship algorithms, but if you name it “Trummmmmmp Fans”, you can maybe stay under the wire.
    2. Never use hashtags. Technically, a hashtag is designed to help in searches & “Trending” story rankings, but we all know Big Tech manipulates these to focus the stories they want to emphasize, so it’s a waste of time, and it makes it easy for the Thought Police programs to target you, as Facebook did with the mass banning of #StopTheSteal posts.
    3. Use Closed groups in social media. Much of the censorship comes from junior SS officers in your feed who report your unapproved thoughts. If you form closed groups where you must be invited in by someone, you keep out these fascism-enabling snowflakes.
    4. Create several alternate accounts. For example, create one personal account where you post nothing controversial, then another that uses your same name but a different email & other identifying info. This latter account would be used for sharing more controversial stuff. This way if you lose your free-speech account, you can create a new one while still maintaining communication with your friends & family through your non-controversial account. It’s sad that Big Tech companies are using the equivalent of the Chinese social credit system, which assigns a numerical value measuring how much of an obedient lemming you are who toes the line and never shares unapproved thoughts. So, for example, you’re docked points if you’re a Trump supporter (i.e. domestic terrorist) or if you share what they deem “misinformation.” You gain points if you post nothing controversial or express your approval for the Ruling Class. Accounts with too low a score get a 30-day suspension, or eventually have their accounts banned. But of course, the more you use the tips above, the less they can identify and dock your evil posts.

Of course, maintain other communication methods with your networks such as email groups, MeWe, and Parler. The above tips are for sharing information in the larger Big Tech platforms that the majority of the world continues to insist on using.

when you post blatant sarcasm fact checkers flag it as false information gump are you stupid or something
twilight zone imagine telephone company cancels your account doesnt like conversation youre having with friends
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We’ve Officially Become a 1984 Totalitarian Society

twitter bans general flynn account
facebook bans walkaway campaign
twitter bans donald trump account
tweet dr david samadi listen to the science know that we havent banned and silenced
message if masks worked they would have been banned like hydroxychloroquine sign
tweet candace owens kanye west banned twitter
tweet mike lee facebook banning trump ads
goodyear ban blue lives matter maga speech allows blm
maga shadownbanned twitter reddit facebook youtube google censorship

2021 Morphs Into 1984: Simon & Schuster Cancels Hawley Book

Google Removes Parler From App Store, Could Also Be Removed From Apple’s If It Doesn’t Implement A ‘Moderation’ Plan

In the past I’ve often rolled my eyes when people compared the American Ruling Class to Nazis, Stalinists, or other totalitarian governments. I’ve always felt it was a gross exaggeration that diminished the citizens who really did suffer under these regimes. No more. Short of extermination camps, we have become the modern day equivalent of everything represented by these terrible societies. All of our free speech and other civil liberties are systematically being stripped away. All of the institutions of influence–mainstream media, Hollywood, Big Tech, education, TV, social media, etc.–have been taken over by Deep State socialists. Our only remaining outlet for correcting wrongs–elections–have become ridiculously corrupted, and simply discussing election irregularities is now deemed “inciting violence,” leading to complete bans from social media. And to complete the totalitarian repertoire, the Ruling Class is demonizing and attacking an entire class of people–Trump supporters & American patriots. Is it any wonder anger has boiled to a level not seen since 1861?!

peaceful protests blm antifa riots not trump supporters american patriots
mainstream media this is extremely dangerou to our democracy

You would think in a sane world, if there’s any group of people in the country who sought to protect free speech, it would be journalists. But other than a few diminishing voices on Fox News, good luck finding a single person in the mainstream media who is NOT now forcefully behind the extinguishment of all conservative and libertarian voices. And it is more evidence they’re part of the same behind-the-scenes Deep State Ruling Class machinery trying to subjugate Americans to a 1984-like totalitarian society.

The recent protests at the U.S. Capitol have been used as a justification for the latest purge of voices on the Right. You’re seeing the perfect example of how any kind of censorship is dangerous. Banning “hate speech,” removing “misinformation,” stopping “violence-inciting” speech, or whatever your justification, they all suffer from one fatal flaw–who decides what qualifies! You’re never going to remove the flaws and biases of the people in charge of the censorship. In the case of Big Tech, you’re usually talking about young programmers from ultra-liberal California who don’t have the life experience or balanced education to be good arbiters of speech. So now, because of the Capitol protest storming, just discussing election irregularities is being used as justification for complete bans, even when people like Trump come out and forcefully say, “NO VIOLENCE.” In the case of Parler’s ban, Big Tech cites lack of “content moderation.” In other words, everyone must toe the censorship line and stick to the same Deep State scripts, or you’re gone! Even if you try to moderate content, you’re talking about millions of posts and comments every day! It’s simply not possible to find every phrase that may or may not incite violence. All these Big Tech fascists need to do is scan comments until they come across a few posts within the millions, then use them as the reason to take out any voices with which they disagree.

Utah Man with a History of Organizing Violent Antifa, BLM Protests, Was Inside the Capitol

Another commonality about totalitarian regimes of the past is to engineer protests, rebellions, or other “emergencies” and “threats to public safety” so the public tolerates a crack down on civil liberties. Has anyone seen any of this in America? Maybe Covid-19, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, U.S. Capitol protests,…?

Two years ago I wrote a novel called The Vigilante Terrorists. It was a dramatization of the type of civil war that could happen in this country, as well as how behind-the-scenes Deep State power could be used to manipulate the public and destroy the lives of political enemies. Like the book 1984, I fear my book is becoming far more true to life than I ever imagined. I absolutely do NOT advocate violence or destruction of property because it’s always innocents who bear the brunt of the suffering, and it only invites more crackdown by the Ruling Class. Short of that though, it’s time for all-out war against these despicable people!

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liberals banning speech they dont agree with is so hot right now zoolander
banana republic usa biden pelosi schumer nadler
obama vader last remants of the old republic have been swept away
founding fathers fine chasing scumbag politicians from capitol change my mind
babylon bee trump sneaks back on twitter disguising as pr rep chinese communist party
lesson first ban accounts twitter facebook apps infrastructure next isps browser lisa simpson
quote ron paul most threats to liberty near capitol hill

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