04-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

For all the Trump hatred out there and the end-of-world predictions if he were elected, things seem to be going pretty smoothly in the world. ISIS has effectively been destroyed, North & South Korea look like they may finally achieve peace, the economy is humming, blacks & Hispanics are both near record unemployment rates, 90 percent of Americans will pay equal to or less in income taxes than what they did last year, and business profits are exploding. You wouldn’t know it by watching the sky-is-falling mainstream media, who create an alternate universe for those gullible enough to fall for their brainwashing.

Political Memes and Funny Pictures




hellmanns-save-on-meat vegetarian

Quote of the Day

Democracy is the ‘worst’ form of government, except for all those others that have been tried. — Winston Churchill

Smug Condescending Liberal Flashback

Regardless of what you think of Trump, it’s fun to see all the condescending, so-called elitists have to eat their words. Here’s a compilation flashback of all the liberals mocking a possible president Trump.

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