05-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

The mainstream media is constantly in shock that few people trust them anymore, yet EVERY day they give us a new reason to doubt them. Yesterday, it was Trump responding to a question about the murderous gang MS-13, calling them “animals”. Of course, the media clipped the quote to make it sound like Trump was calling all immigrants animals. Do they not think we’ll be able to dig up the full context of his quote on any of a thousand internet sites that monitor media lies and fake news? These kind of things are the reason few people will ever taking a story at the word of the reporter, even for the few scattered people in the media that actually practice real journalism. It’s unfortunate though that at least 2/3 of Democrat candidates will use “Trump called immigrants ‘Animals'” as a talking point in debates in the midterm elections, and most Democratic voters will believe it.

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Quote of the Day

A democratic society depends on an informed and educated citizenry. — Thomas Jefferson

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