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There is perhaps no corporation in America that demonstrates liberal fascism and media double standards than Disney Corporation. ESPN hosts will fiercely stand up for the First Amendment rights of Colin Kaepernick and any players disrespecting the country (well, except for Trent Dilfer, but he was fired wasn’t he?). They will allow Jemele Hill, Skip Bayless, Ray Lewis, Randy Moss, Steven Smith, and countless others spew whatever hate they like, but if anyone dare stray from the allowed liberal ideology, and they’re history. Roseanne told a bad joke, which I’m sure she didn’t intend to be racist. She immediately deleted the tweet and apologized. It didn’t matter. Disney was looking for ANY reason to fire her since she came out in favor of Trump. Compare her tweets to the ESPN hire, Keith Olbermann. Tim Allen’s show was cancelled after he supported Trump. Curt Schilling fired. Britt McHenry fired. Trent Dilfer fired. Disney has destroyed the once-great franchises of ESPN, Star Wars, and ABC with hyper-political correctness and liberal fascism. They deserve to wither into irrelevancy. It’s time for all of us to sell our Disney stock (if you still own any) and boycott any of their movies, networks, and parks until their management realizes we live in a democracy where all viewpoints are tolerated.

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