06-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Sharyl Attkinson recently wrote a great story documenting 50 recent mistakes or outright lies by the mainstream media. Reporters are human like everyone else and can make mistakes, but 3 important things to consider:

  1. A seasoned reporter can avoid making mistakes simply by following basic fundamentals of journalism – confirming facts, not relying on anonymous sources or ones with questionable credibility, etc. Unfortunately, the quest to be first has overtaken the quest to be accurate.
  2. Once a false article is put out on the web, it’s echoed infinitely until it becomes “fact” in the minds of many people, and no amount of correction will fully undue the damage. In almost every interview, liberal pundits cite discredited reports in talking points, even when high-profile corrections have been made public.
  3. When the mainstream media makes mistakes, it always seems to errs on the side that hurts Donald Trump or some other conservative. If false stories are really “mistakes”, by the law of averages, shouldn’t some of them benefit Trump? It’s some of the best evidence the media no longer even tries to be balanced and fair. The media has unapologetically become a propaganda wing of the Democrat Party.

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