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My wife is a nurse in a surgery center. She recently informed me of a new rule that narcotic pain killers can only be dispensed in a limited 7-day supply at one time, in addition to the rules already in place that many medications require hand-written prescriptions picked-up and brought to the drug store. This infuriates me for two reasons. First, each person should have the right to make their only decisions on what they put in their own body. If they overdue it, they live with the consequences. Second, it’s the perfect illustration of clueless government nanny bureaucrats implementing a solution that’s far worse than the problem. It creates more work for the doctor who has to constantly review & update the prescription, the nurse/receptionist liaison meeting with the patient, and the pharmacist who has an extra Rx to fill. This is in addition to the inconvenience of extra car trips & waits for the in-pain person, who is sometimes elderly or injured and unable to drive. And according to my wife, the amounts are nowhere near enough for a patient coming off most of their surgeries. In other words, the government bureaucrats are overriding decisions that should be made by doctors. In summary, it’s an example of government taking away rights, adding immensely to the cost of health care, and further eroding the quality of life in what’s supposed to be a free country.

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