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08-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

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So, Twitter and Vimeo have joined Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook in banning Alex Jones & Infowars. I still know almost nothing about Alex Jones other than he’s a “right-wing conspiracy theorist”. The media and tech companies never seem to specify exact what got him banned other than to reference generic violations of “community standards”. I’ve tried to view videos and read articles to see what exactly is so offensive, but everywhere I go information is blocked or removed. Even at the Infowars website, it is tough to find any information since denial-of-service attacks have hit them, and a ton of their website videos seem to be linked to now-blocked Youtube or Vimeo accounts. All of this censorship happening within a week of time isn’t helping the case for those that say there’s no conspiracy. Can anyone out there think of an equivalent left-wing site that has been banned, including ones that advocate violence?

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