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Thoughts on Nike Kaepernick Ad “Success”

Most Americans disliked the choice by Nike for the 30-year ad spokesman of Colin Kaepernick, who has gained notoriety for no other reason than his public display of hatred for his country. Predictably, there’s been a huge backlash with millions vowing to never buy from them again. So it’s fair to wonder why Nike online sales have spiked and the stock just hit an all-time high? There are three reasons for this.

  1. A large segment of the country, especially minority athletes, support his actions. Whenever a corporation gets political, it can torpedo sales for half the country but increase sales for the like-minded. As with Starbucks and Disney, Nike has given the middle finger to over half the country and is gambling the increase in sales from America-haters will more than make up for the loss.
  2. Foreign governments and rich liberals like George Soros are likely bidding the stock up to sow discord. Nike market cap is only around $130 billion, so a few billion to spike the stock is a drop in the bucket for enemies like Russia and China who want to sow division in America. Kaepernick is perhaps the most divisive athlete in modern history, so keeping him prominent is a potent weapon to keep Americans hating each other. The same goes for anti-American liberals like George Soros, who thrive by national instability.
  3. The U.S. economy and stock market are the best they’ve ever been. The Dow and S&P are at record highs. Unemployment rates are close to record lows. GDP is exploding. Interest rates & inflation are still very low. Naturally, Nike stock & sales have a strong correlation.

The liberal-dominated media likes to play up polls and any other indicators that normal Americans agree with them, so every new Nike stock high will bring a new story portraying it as some victory or vindication of liberal beliefs. It’s designed to dishearten conservatives & patriotic Americans. It’s designed to make you believe your beliefs are in the minority and wrong. Don’t fall for it! Continue your lifetime boycott of Nike products. Eventually, this slap in the face by Nike will catch up to them in tangible ways.

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