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09-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

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As always happens in these cases, Democrats and the media have turned the Ford-Kavanaugh situation into some kind of societal battle between ALL rape victims/accusers against ALL of the accused men. So if you don’t believe Christine Ford, you’re now insensitive and against ALL rape victims. We should be focusing on this specifics of this one case. If that were true, it would be obvious that Brett Kavanaugh is innocent of the charges and a victim of a well-financed, well-planned character assassination campaign. The reason we have an innocent-until-proven-guilty justice system is specifically for the reason that anyone can accuse you of anything, and if they tell a convincing story, destroy your life. Kavanaugh went through the most extensive vetting process of any supreme court justice in history. He went through six FBI background checks. His record was completely spotless until a few days before confirmation, when a few women threw out 35+ year accusations backed by zero evidence, witnesses, or corroboration. Unfortunately, with our corrupt and morally bankrupt media, accusations are enough to destroy his reputation. I guarantee you liberal media outlets and democratic politicians will from this point on label Kavanaugh as the “rapist”, using it in fundraising and attack campaigns. It will become a talking point repeated so often it becomes a “fact” in the mind of gullible viewers.

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