10-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Thoughts on Rampant Character Assassination

Think back to everything you’ve ever written, said, or done in your lifetime. Think of ex’s, former co-workers, and enemies you’ve made over your life. Think of every Facebook post, tweet, instagram, pintrest, email, text, phone call, cell phone video, speech, school paper, interview, and so on.Think of all the stupid things you’ve done when you were young or inebriated. Now imagine unethical government agencies and political parties with billions of dollars at their disposal can comb every inch of your background. How many of us could come out looking squeaky clean? Throw in the fact that ANYONE can make up stories about you and spread lies about you on the web and in the media that take on a life of their own. Who among us could survive a full-scale assault if we tried to run for public office? This business of destroying people who we disagree with politically has got to end! Not only does it destroy the lives of good people who may be nothing like they’re portrayed, it prevents potentially great leaders from ever running for office in the first place. People have lost their ability to think critically because they WANT to believe the worst about those they dislike or disagree with. As long as we keep rewarding politicians who engage in such destructive attacks, things will never change in this country.

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