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As a libertarian, I believe the government has no right to regulate or limit anything you do as long as it doesn’t hurt or infringe upon the rights of another person. For example, it’s up to the individual to decide on their own tobacco, pot, and alcohol use as long as they’re not putting others in danger. Then, there’s the emotionally-charged issue of abortion. This is a tough one since government may be regulating a woman’s body, but on the other hand, you’re talking about another living human’s rights also. So the question becomes, when does the line cross between a fertilized egg and viable human being? Hardcore pro-life would say upon fertilization, hardcore pro-choice would say not until the baby is delivered. I’m not sure what the right answer is, but I will say that last trimester abortions are absolutely barbaric, sometimes consisting of delivering a live baby and killing it after it’s out of the womb. Most people don’t know exactly what goes on during one of these abortions, but I encourage you to research it before you take a position on the issue. Related to this matter, I encourage you to watch the movie Gosnell, a true story of a doctor who illegally performed many such procedures. Have you heard of this movie or real life court case? If not, it’s probably because of the intentional media burying of the story, along with censorship of any movie ads (e.g. Facebook prohibits any advertising on it).

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