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So “suspicious” packages have been mailed the last couple days to George Soros, CNN, Waters, the Obama’s, and the Clinton’s. And just be coincidence, none of them did any damage. There is nothing suspicious about these packages in my mind. Like the Honduran caravan, this is another obvious “October surprise” organized & coordinated by the Left to give them a talking point: “See, Trump is fomenting anger and causing terror attacks!” It also allows the Left to cover up actions of nut protesters in their own party, “See, both sides have crazy people!” Remember the Republican election slogan, “Jobs, not Mobs”. It has been penetrating, and these packages were a desperate attempt to blunt the effect. CNN and MSNBC now have a story to put on hourly loops all the way through the election. Don’t fall for it! Nothing happens by accident any more in the “news”.

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