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Critical Thinking Doesn’t Make You a Conspiracy Theorist

So out of thousands of Trump rallies and millions of attendees spread over three years, Michael Moore just happens to stumble upon a photo of fake Dem bomber Cesar Sayoc. What an amazing photographic memory Moore must have to see Sayoc’s face and immediately be able to place him from a rally a year and a half prior. So just by coincidence, two weeks before an election, 14 “bombs” are simultaneously sent to Trump’s biggest liberal critics, none of which go off; they don’t contain postmarks, most appearing to be hand-delivered; and the FBI finds a fanatical Trump supporter in a few days, complete with a van of Trump-supporting stickers and a video of Sayoc to run 24/7 on repeat at CNN and MSNBC?

To quote Lee Harvey Oswald, “I’m just a patsy!”

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