11-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

my 3 favorite things are eat my family and not using commas
wikileaks-julian assange-if-i-were-lying-no-one-would-be-try-to-silence-me
when french who bragged about electing macron are burning city because of skyrocketing taxes
if you think unintentionally tear gassing illegal kids is bad check out what bill clinton did waco
media is comparing immigrant caravan to jews escaping hitler but i thought trump was hitler
obama yeah i tear gassed border but so what im a democrat

Corporate Welfare, Bailouts, and Political Kickbacks

if-gm-doesnt want to keep jobs in us should pay back billions in taxpayer bailout

Quote of the Day

barbara-streisand-lot-of-women-vote-the-way their husbands want

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