12-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

chelsea clinton lectures americans about white privilege job apartment wedding
dear friends your christmas gift this year is me thats right another year of friendship has been renewed
democrats in 2016 trump is crazy and will blow up world in 2018 give up your guns or we will nuke you
oh shut the fuck up and have a drink me as a therapist
whenever british laugh at america remember how gave up guns put in jail for facebook twitter posts bald eagle
maybe using let it snow wrapping paper not good idea tits now
feel asleep reverse truck kids husband yelled
george hw bush mainstream media when alive vs after he died horns angel
post office closed for bush when obama dies ebt cards will be deactivated

Quote of the Day

george carlin quote governments dont want intelligent population want public just smart wnough to pay taxes elect corrupt politicians

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