12-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

barack obama sitting like melania michelle sitting like donald
if you hate yourself remember youre not alone a lot of other people do too
ocasio cortez why are you so afraid of socialist economy trump because want to walk dog not eat them
rare look at how liberals find their logic monkeys ass
george orwell 1984 party told to reject evidence of your eyes and ears final most essential command
trump attention mexico rest of world we fought 2 wars to preserve freedom in our country man up do it for your own
i dont know why women dont meet women at target they already are shopping for shit they dont need
when someone from my office tells me ive offended them i can go lower sunny in philadelphia
france carbon tax burning flag country

Tweet of the Day

remember when you were little fall on trampoline people would jump so you couldnt get back up that is adult

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