12-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

what size jumpsuit do you wear note from donald trump to hillary clinton
dumb girls like dumb guys smart guys like dumb girls smart girls get cats modern family
electrical car fueling engine like vegan secretly eats meat
you said gun control works death toll in chicaco proves that to be a lie
so gracious of trump and melania to take picture with barack obama horses ass
in the beginning god created heaven and earth obama actually that was me
al gore tongue stuck to pole he is trying to say global warming snow
50 shades of gray 125 million sales baby its cold outside offensive
due to political correctness dick van dyke changed name to penus truck lesbian
suggestion for liberals if something offends you dont watch or partake society not suffer for your whiny ass

Tweet of the Day

i dont think i believe in institution of marriage but i do like the idea of someone being legally required to hang with me

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