12-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

how james comey prepares for congressional testimony men in black neurolyzer
trump mueller report im in clear not so fast jaywalking spitting on sidewalk tag off mattress
peanuts charlie brown rudolph rednose singing baby its cold outside
russians hacked my crowd hillary clinton
if your iq is 75 but you think its 220 you must be liberal rachel maddow
jesus screensaver phone text holding mom youre a disappointment
one of them has no idea what theyre doing other is dog driving car nancy pelosi
kevin hart no cure for past failures euthanize shot by pc culture

The Next Christmas PC Outrage

frosty the snowman wait until they realize no pants smoking pipe in front of kids

Liberal Double Standards

bill clinton paid off paula jones to make go away didnt see fbi raiding offices

Tweets of the Day

kevin hart firing has taught me comedians can only make jokes about white christian men how progressive

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