12-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

look chuck were building the wall and when were done were putting you and nancy on other side trump
i see first lad melanie trump had meeting with children today so did trump pelosi schumer
obama talked about hope and change 8 years failed to mention it wouldnt come until he left office
if found drunk or unconscious return to anyone but my wife tshirt
trump is erasing what liberals accomplished decay homelessness poverty
invention of archery i really want to stab guy but hes way over there
been single a while family wrapped u
cnn clown news network
girl im socialist guy to impress i dont understand economics either
ocasio cortez and chocolate factory save world marxism now bad egg
i live in your head chuck rent free since 2016 trump schumer

Liberals Can’t Gain Power Without Lying About Who They Are

hillary take public private different positions to hide ugly side of politics

Quote of the Day

mike huckabee quote trump like doctor telling you what you dont want to hear but you realize hes right

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