12-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

we are going to stop working because we cant agree to spend imaginary money we dont have
in line at mcdonalds shitty kid yelling for apple pie i will take all of them
things like this why jesus had to turn water into wine cant sell alcohol on sunday
trump hey chuck schumer do you remember 2009 video where you said illegal immigration wrong
facebook mark zuckerberg nice opinion be ashamed if someone removed it
weight scale this statue offends me i want it removed
which bothers you more trump paying stormy with own money or adam schiff paying boy with yours
nancy pelosi chuck schumer hidden agenda open borders trump national security
americans tired of todays migrants compared to old different immigrants developing civilization vs free benefits

Tweet of the Day

in im getting old department a kid saw floppy disk you 3d printed save icon

Quote of the Day

john wayne every man needs two things have a moral code and backbone to keep from being swayed that dont

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