12-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

oscars fire kevin hart tough to find someone pure enough to present to child molesters and drug addicts
did my post offend you tell me which one so i can post 10 more little bitch betty white
ocasio cortez sharing memes again wait until i have gulag power
office darryl pocket dialing while having sex actually eating spaghetti
barack obama used irs as political weapon nobody cared
trump i will put america first even if it pisses off the whole world
trump secure the border or ill shut the government down pelosi schumer no we need criminals drugs democrat voters
bumper sticker my kid is honor student as dumbed-down government indoctrination camp
due to public outcry over baby its cold outside change to yo bitch its freezing

Tweet of the Day

democrats gave 150 billion to iran for nothing cant give 5 billion for national security wall

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