12-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

orange man recklass for ending foeign wars eternal conflict is good now
babylon bee nancy pelosi preparing skits for jimmy kimmel
i recommended trump fire comey then called for investigation with mueller rod rosenstein
government will shut down fiday when no budget passes already 21 trillion in debt out of money already
obama james comey was my puppet
chuck schumer in 2014 signed bill for 25 billion border wall now opposes 5 because trump wants it
survey 27 percent of americans want santa claus gender neutral 73 percent think theyre morons
its basic math you cant have welfare state and an open border
tsa rules for getting through checkpoints follow list of rules or dress in burqas

a young woman has frozen to death boyfriend repeatedly told her it was cold outside

trump foundation donations from russia compared to hillary clinton foundation

Two Systems of Justice – One for Democrat Politicians, One for Everyone Else

michael cohen convicted of tax evasion when will al sharpton go to prison

Quote of the Day

george carlin bipartisan usually means larger than usual deception being carried out

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