12-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

how im sleeping tonight knowing the government shut down
potatoes make fries chips vodka other vegetables not trying
socialists on how government help people today person gave wallet to person who only had knife ocasio cortez
when you realize the coexist sticker includes only 2 genders
ocasio cortez name in chinese is wun dum ho restaurant sign
pop quiz which wedding did clinton foundation pay for chelsea haitian girl
un soldiers shooting down santa destributes coal
and just like that liberals wanted troops in middle east forrest gump
trumps yuge nuke button obamanomics obamacare executive orders liberal heads
congress government spending santa clause trump wall dont even think about it

Tweets of the Day

lovato you dont run away from problems forever forrest gump know i did this once
president trump said military will build wall you mean spending on our defense and not middle east conflict weird

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