01-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

news media executives discussing trump speech what we need to hear
ben and jerrys pta flyer bjs in your pjs didnt think through
if you dont stop lying youll grow up to be a reporter on cnn
red foreman dont want to wake up 5 years from now and hate life unavoidable
elizabeth warren hi kids skate board beer im your new highly approachable candidate
trump 2020 elect that mfer again sticker
nancy pelosi i wont let them remove you from the voter roles baby ms 13
chuck schumer why would we fund a wall that keeps our voters south of the border
if government is 25 percent shutdown should i get 25 percent reduction in taxes
the meme will continue until the wall is approved trump schumer

Tweet of the Day

groucho marx politics is looking for trouble diagnosing it incorrectly applying wrong remedies

Quotes of the Day

democrats quotes on immigration wall clinton obama hillary harry reid

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