01-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

schumer nancy pelosi trust us we know whats best for you
schumer nancy pelosi submit conform they live speech
chuck schumer nancy pelosi wall will interfere with our criminal operations
chuck schumer nancy pelosi president has chosen fear it exorcist
enough with the memes chuck schumer this is how you get more memes
chuck schumer nancy pelosi we dont govern by temper tantrum children
meanwhile in mexican schools babies climbing wall
ron swansom what look for in government employee no ambition drive
left wing media says trump doesnt support rule of law but they support illegal immigration and sanctuary cities
democrats in 1863 slaves pick crops 2018 illegals do it
new season no laws no border trump derangement unit ocasio cortez
trump so then i told nancy that my wall identifies as fence

Tweet of the Day

candace owen tweet democrats want people dependent on government but not able to get out of poverty

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