01-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

socialism shooting capitalism held on board by cliff
liberal playbook promise everything deliver nothing blame someone else
barriers walls only work at the dnc convention in philadelphia
walll doesnt mean keep out it means please use the door legally
ocasio cortez willing to spend trillions on green new deal wont spend 5 billion on wall
pelosi schumer here dont want to discuss wall trump not going to bring up brick suit
jim acosta as you can see theres no water here not sure why they need this dam manufactured crisis
jim acosta not feeling rain from where im standing umbrella

CNN Commentators in One Picture

68 people die mass shooting liberals shout 2000 murdered illegal aliens file nails

Tweet of the Day

parenting is 10 percent knowing you would kill for children 90 percent suppressing urge to do so

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