01-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

nancy pelosi flight during shutdown stairs no plane
pelosi i cant go guys im grounded by trump
trump no plane for you nancy pelosi seinfeld
scrambled letters if you can read this your smart youre
chris farly obama remember when you won nobel peace prize then bombed 7 countries obama
gillette for the toxic feminity rosie odonnell
pet alert please save our 3 dogs other two children
trump no you dont understand nancy one tweet and patriots will descend on washington like a biblical plague
california giving free healthcare to illegals fining americans who cant afford to buy it
gillette the best a maam can get
schick no lectures just razors not gillette
hiroshima years after getting nuked detroit after years of liberal control better to be nuked than run by liberals
my 11th crash in 18 months gods plan is to stay off of road

But, But, But It’s the “Trump Shutdown”

democratic shutdown explained trump asking for fraction of budget

Tweet of the Day

charlie kirk make no mistake if republicans partying during shutdown would have been top story all week

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