01-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

gillette selling products to men calling men pieces of shit
disagree with trump cancelling pelosi flight would have waited and cancelled return flight
nancy pelosi with flag when loving your own country hurts
thinks roe vs wade are 2 ways to cross a river ocasio cortez
conway batman slap of jim acosta youre an ass no one likes you
willy wonka government shuts down country keeps going wonder if theres a lesson in that
trump nancy pelosi stop moving goal posts closer national security
people who dont want border wall terrorists sex traffickers drug dealers democrats
nancy pelosi sleeping at airport
kanye west donald trump maga all day make america great again rap

These Wouldn’t Happen Without a Compliant, Corrupt Media

communist ideologies that killed 100 million being taught and praised in universities mao stalin
trumps sacrificed wealth for good of country clintons sacrificed country for their wealth

Tweet of the Day

james woods tweet la and ca under control of democrat mayor governor senate your problem you fix

Other Links That May Interest You

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