01-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

pelosi president created security risk by telling them where were going trump wrong nancy told them where not going
4000 people coming to border looking for work theyre in luck we need wall built
when you have to google government still shut down because your life hasnt change at all
when hollywood composed rapists misogynists pedophiles drug addicts tell people how to behave think vote
when trump tweets anything liberals stop violating me with your different opinion
cnn fake news liberals drinking bong
that look you make when you find out your plane ticket is going to cost 5.7 million
how to identify racist proud to be black arabic mexican white
mueller investigation 2 year pregnancy too long
without government who would tell you to give cycles space while blocking bike lane
buzzfeed boy who cried wolf trump lied cnn abc cbs

But Walls Don’t Work

paid for wall to syria to stop isis wont build country border

Quote of the Day

donald trump did not create distrust of media it helped create him media must figure out who americans loathe them

Tweet of the Day

rand paul ive never been prouder than president trump then ending two wars focusing on border security

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