01-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

pelosi eating tide pods wow these are pretty good ocasio cortez see i told you
spirit animals dont exist pig steals beers gets drunk fights cow
being nice to people make me feel terrible parks recreation
surgeons asks who is easiest to operate on politicians no guts brains spine head butt interchangeable
pelosi schumer in office for decades trump for 2 years blame him for all countries problems
trump mcdonalds buffet and im gonna make taco bell pay for it
fbi we need up update facial recognition database facebook 10 year challenge
democrats keep saying give what we want then we can negotiate my response fuck off
media bombshell news trump russian agent kennedy assassination

“Viral” News Stories Don’t Occur by Accident

The whole Indian-MAGA hat-wearing children incident looks like it was staged from the beginning.

nathan phillips is well known far left activist who agressively approached children staged incident

Quote of the Day

media doesnt want to hear real discussion about facts strategic alignment omission can produce sensational misleading narrative

Tweets of the Day

my 6 year old wants to be doctor 4 year old wants to be porcupine so stick people with her butt
fake news this week buzzfeed indian maga confrontation anyone else think this is getting old

Scary Thinking of Mainstream Media

titania mcgrath bored with orwellian nothing wrong with government control over speech

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