01-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

david hogg there i was in vietnam with nathan phillips had tomahawk charlie everywhere
were almost to mexico kids free welfare dont obey laws if send us back call them racists
chuck nancy mr president tear down this wall of common sense
schumer pelosi first 3 bills by democrats impeachment ban electoral college 54 billion foreign aid
tweeties trump winning over liberal snowflakes
democrats say republicans set womens rights back but support muslims setting back thousands of years
2018 son i found picture of your grandpa 2060 iphone pics
jeff bezos in divorce court hoarding cash
life imitating art patriots beat chiefs
let me get this straight trump told cohen to lie about his involvement in project named trump tower moscow

Quote of the Day

theres actually huge common sense majority their voices just arent allowed to be heard

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