01-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

non toxic men like me use gillette isnt that right mommy pajama boy
to all who want free health care and education military is hiring
do you solemnly swear to protect citizens of mexica nancy pelosi
i dont need anger management need people to stop pissing me off
government now makes you get permission to hunt get married protest go fishing cut hair sell food
toxic masculinity keeping snowflakes safe since 1775 soldiers
fake news parrots cnn npr cbs msnbc abc nyt washinton post
they hate trump because he is first president they cant control
this is not shutdown it is a stand off between american people and traitors attempting to give our country away

Tweets of the Day

dan crenshaw tweet dems voted down federal paychecks 2019 only oppose trump
high school kids doxxed meanwhile black israelites who provoked remain anonymous

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