01-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

news used to tell you what happened you decide how to think about it now have to decide if it even happened
irs agent on furlough do you mind if i savor this moment
trump cant back down government shutdown nancy pelosi cant blink botox
trump hes still your president eye chart
pelosi president cancelled my trip to visit soldiers cheering
remember when liberals supported smirking comey ford
so there we were in vietname richard blumenthal nathan indian
kamala harris is barack 2.0 only angrier and more masculine
veternary clinic buys 5000 bone paper clips shaped like penis
mainstream media fake news indian beating drum
end of world kook every cycle ocasio cortex climate change 12 years

Sad But True

just friendly reminder trump is only thing keeping us from full blown communism

You Won’t Hear in Mainstream Media

nathan phillips exposed discharged vet lied about vietnam

Tweet of the Day

rand paul our entire constitution government is necessary evil must be restrained as much as possible

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