01-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

Pay attention to the details of polls cited by the media. There are many reasons polls can’t be trusted, but the composition of voters may be the most important. Even if they fairly sample republicans, democrats, and independents (which is rare), the poll numbers compared to actual votes are closer as you move to the right:

All Adults -> Registered Voters -> “Likely” Voters
13+ points off -> 8-12 points off -> 0-4 points off
Favorable to Democrats -> Favorable to Republicans

Guess which poll groups the media like to cite when discussing Trump approval?

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

maga hat make the media fact check again
david hogg hes just a kid maga hat boy burn the school kill him
jim acosta cnn rush to judgement ignore extended video burn maga boy at stake
show me on this doll where the maga hat hurt you south park
bernie sanders one of poorest ruling class only have 3 homes
hanging cat in igcognito browser mode dog as fbi
uss al gore shipped frozen in ice
just like that not one liberal suspended from facebook twitter for hate speech towards maga kids
congressional baseball practice maxine waters restaurant assault hard to believe maga hat death
there we were nathan and buddy dick blumenthal when roving reporter brian williams showed up
warning these brownies shits and giggles laxative pot wait 30 minutes

Seems Legit

fake news lies cnn gut instinct told producer to drive to roger stone house for arrest

Scary Abuse of Power

Tweets of the Day

fbi did obama style raid on elderly man released on bail
james woods why abort baby in 9th month when lots of couples want infant

Quote of the Day

martin luther king comes a time when person must take a position because its right even if not popular

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