01-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

ocasio cortez end is near 12 years world or her party
jack sparrow chased merely suggest partisan talking points doesnt equal real solutions
gave baker thumb drive picture for cake made usb cake
god is nowhere now here spacing problem sign
tobacco use only quotes marijuana bongs
new cnn fake news action news mobile anderson cooper dnc hillary stickers captain jeff zucker
oscars best picture nominees gaga queen concert didnt see it
we need illegal immigrants to do jobs americans wont like what vote democrat
did you ever just forget to hide your expressions woah didnt mean to make that face outlout
roger stone swat team is this really necessary

Two Systems of Justice

still not raided by fbi hillary holder podesta rice abedin weinstein lynch

Quote of the Day

rob schneider on snl late night comedy now indoctrination liberal klan meeting

Tweets of the Day

omar hamada board certified obgyn not 1 single condition requires maternal third trimester abortion
government was able to send more cavalry to arrest roger stone than sent to heros of benghazi

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