01-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

gore granted us 12 years to live liberal ocasio cortez gracious twelve more climate change
obiwan gas prices easily startled be back and in greater numbers
dont believe give up guns when to people say ok to kill maga kids falling down
love trumps hate intolerance beating trump maga supporter
ruth bader ginsburg milk carton have you seen me
america since november 2016 make america great again its a hat ewok leia maga
obama schumer we need border security liberals agree trump racist hitler worst idea ever
sometimes my mind wanders to happy place where im allowed to punch people in throad puppies free cake

Quote of the Day

orourke when politics are used to allocate resources all resources allocated to politics

Tweet of the Day

cnn kirsten powers removing twitter app covington backlast like cant even drag innocent teens through mud

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