01-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Observation of the Day

weather comparison record cold warm liberal media democrat reaction climate change

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

trump fixed global warming in only two years
liberals receiving new outrage instructions
cnn feeding fake news to fat woman
lets see if have this straight nuked by missiles built with clinton technology funded by obama iran uranium from hillary but trump the traitor
always wear condoms combo of yukon snowman sports mascot
never been better comparison between left and right maga hat boy screaming liberal
indian african american mexican walk into a bar just kidding 3 white women warren beto orourke
if maduro had a daughter venezuela ocasio cortez
ocasio cortez 70 percent tax 10 million pelosi little bitch trying to piss me off
mueller who are we going after next dog cnn swat scheming with accomplices to traumatize

You Won’t Hear in Mainstream Media

trump bringing back manufacturing jobs magic wand confirmed

Quote of the Day

morgan freeman quote one of biggest mistakes we make is assuming that other people think the way we do

Might As Well Move It to Age 18

VA Governor Proposes Allowing Post-Birth Abortion

Other Links That May Interest You

America’s Public Schools Have Become Socialist Indoctrination Factories – Justin Haskins
Federal Panel of Judges Dismisses All 83 Ethics Complaints Against Judge Kavanaugh – NPR

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