02-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

Starbucks founder, Howard Schulz, recently announced he’s thinking about an Independent run for president, but since he’s been a reliable lifelong Democrat, liberals are freaking out he may divide their vote in 2020. He even had the audacity to claim some of the liberal pie-in-the-sky ideas like Medicare-for-All aren’t feasible with our current budget (which anyone with a basic math knowledge should be able to see). So the word has gone out now–he MUST BE DESTROYED!!! Expect a regular drip-drop of negative stories and character assassinations over the next several months, or at least until he bows out of the race with his tail between his leg. You will see every ridiculous story the mainstream media can throw at the wall to hurt his reputation and make him unlikable. One example, the front page story that Schultz doesn’t know the cost of Cheerios, a scandal on par with Watergate broke by the MSNBC anchor, Mika Brzezinski.

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

democratic socialism free everything howard schultz coffee stand
marked safe from global warming today
nathan phillips are you gonna face the adult men yelling bigoted stuff or face the kids play it safe against kids
communists when you are the political version of flat earthers
funny how all people wanting socialism dont really contribute to society to begin with
being adult finally understanding why shrek just wanted to be left the fuck alone
no heart brain clue courage schiff ocasio cortez pelosi schumer
jeff bezos now that he only has 65 billion divorce tin cup
pelosi schumer security trust us walls immoral we will protect you
raise your hand still waiting for fbi to arrest anybody other than trump supporter
people with a brain maga hat boy outraged liberals all microphones
roger stone new face of tyrannical government overreach

Comparison of the Day

democrats vs nazis socialism comparison government authority suppress opposition

Tweet of the Day

some women asked me if im pregnant if you wonder why hauled away by police at dunkin donuts

Picking Up Where Hillary Left Off

Obama Speaks at Boeing Conference After Receiving $10 Million Donation

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