02-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

liberal economics 5.7 billion for wall too expensive 35 trillion for medicare thats a good deal
wall the media is building in america dividing country instead of mexico
when youre tired of nobody knowing how to drive blinker passing lane slow lane
how times have changed in new york celebrating easter crosses celebrating abortion pink lights
someone needs to throw water on nancy pelosi ive seen wizard of oz
why record low temps across us global warming climate change of course
liberals carry signs that say share the wealth but never share the work
house speaker nancy pelosi is 315 trimesters old cant something be done about that surely some state allows abortion now
make america great again kkk comparison one of left reject democrats on right created by democrats

what if i told you liberals care more about 30 year old picture than full term baby

Tweets of the Day

katie pavlich remember northam ads against gillespie running over black kid
dennis miller tweet can get fired for clumsy social media post but not inept on job

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