02-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

but the rams won the popular vote in superbowl
you guys missing really offensive part of northam yearbook smirk
alligator why do you need ar-15 dinosaurs can climb fences now
instead of booting it you open turn page instead of click kid holding book
democrats today racist hater homophobe inkblot test
beto orourke joe biden beavis and butthead socialism is cool
i am against abortion sorry only women get to have an opinion on that did you assume my gender
if dumb and dumber had a child schumer pelosi ocasio cortez
roger stone was arrested for finding out hillary clinton broke the law
how cory booker views himself i am spartacus how everyone else does
global warming is our greatest crisis al gore froze in the polar vortex

You Live in a Fantasy World If You Get News from CNN & MSNBC

cnn nonexistend voter fraud confirmed

Tweet of the Day

tweet matt walsh please stop killing undocumented infants trying to cross border of birth canal

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