02-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Political Memes and Funny Pictures

have a good weekend virginia democrats brett kavanaugh
give kid an a defend answer sarge dont know how long can hold off
cigarette companies kill their best customers condom companies kill future customers family guy
free stuff bar of soap citizen about to be screwed by government
i killed a dragon trained one raised one shrek donkey
only time democrats oppose government spending when it protects american people
bernie sanders they want liberty independence they need reeducation camps
i just quit my job signed for unwilling to work green new deal ocasio cortez

nancy pelosi signals support placing green new deal directly in recycle bin onion

nancy pelosi wearning white shows everything socialism open borders revenge politics

Quote of the Day

think id rather trust billionaire who becomes politician than politician who becomes billionaire

Tweet of the Day

bernie sanders tweet sotu no climate change unicorns washed up communists

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