02-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

facebook alt accounts zuckerberg stop i said 30 days
science says pets mimic owners personality cat spreading legs
when you find out bullying kid is unvaccinated so you sneeze in his lunch box modern problem solutions
diet weekly log starts tomorrow cheat meal hate myself
america 2019 outrage culture hate division intolerance critical thinkiners truth missing
alexandria ocasio cortez first bill introduced to congress kindergarten crayons
50 shades of communism bernie sanders ocasio cortez
sometimes first step towards forgiveness is realizing other person was born an idiot

Where Does Apple’s Loyalty Lie?

apple wont unlock phone for terrorist but roger stone no problem

Tweet of the Day

never thought id see day unbalanced elderly woman hold country hostage

Quote of the Day

dan crenshaw fact green new deal eliminates nuclear energy says about destroying economy to build socialist one

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