02-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me in public too many people walking around need new plague office
what if irs really stands for theirs
239 years ago founding fathers told king of england kiss their asses time we do the same thing
old people poke me at weddings youre next do same to them at funerals
slow down adults drinking oh and kids playing sign
elizabeth warren ocasio cortez its not your money chris farley
pelosi as statue of liberty giver me your tired poor yearning to vote democrat
ocasio cortez calling on congress to fund development flying cars reason havent theyre racists

I’m Shocked, SHOCKED Media Isn’t Mentioning…

gas prices compared obama vs trump

Tweet of the Day

charlie kirk tweet next democrat president should face unlimited investigation plus all associates

Quote of the Day

trump sotu wealthy politicians donors push open borders while behind walls and gates guards

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