02-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

blondes are now telling ocasio cortez jokes
ocasio cortez what is so hard to understand former bartender 29 expert in economics environment
i dont care about taxes of billionaire who becomes potus show me politicians who become millionaires in office
evolution of the welfare state fewer people pulling wagon hitching ride
some people like old tv need to be slapped a few times to get picture
ocasio cortez everything will be free no rich people borders planes i hate ice tryclcle
democrats presidential race clown car
ocasio cortez chasing cow green new deal
mainstream media believe women kavanaugh due process for fairfax

Cost of “Free”

europe income vat sales gasoline costs taxes for free stuff

Parenting Tweets

parenting is 25 aggravation 90 percent confused by math classes
parenting is 50 percent coming to terms kids like you 50 percent you just like parents
parenting is 50 percent teaching kids to share 50 percent hiding food you dont want to share

Tweet of Day

educating liberals liberals denounced trump supporters as inbred support omar anti-semite married brother

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