02-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

breaking police release pictures of suspects in jussie smollette attack eddie murphy arsonio hall coming to america
ocasio cortez blowing green new deal high speed rail future of transportation
democratic party changed profile picture soviet communist flag
found drawer where robert mueller keeps russian collusion evidence empty
no taxes werent raised you just cant do math more on paychecks less on return
vogue fashion editor lynn yaeger criticizes everything melania trump wears
colorado jogger attacked by cat this is maga country
cory booker we went to moon someone tell him how much fossil fuel used
jussie smollett when america is so great you have to hire 2 dudes from nigeria to oppress you
raise your hand if you smoked so much week you hear music from the future
democrats deal to avoid shutdown national emergency soda shake
maga country nigeria jussie smollett

Quote of the Day

ben carson weve been conditioned to think politicians can solve problems realize they caused them

Tweet of the Day

jussie smollett found off random attackers on empire talking to manager crushing subway sandwich

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